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S is for...Systemic

At the moment, you hear the word systemic and you think...racism. But no, this article isn’t about racism. It is however about another systemic issue. Obesity.

For the record, you can argue that all issues are systemic. Especially, when you consider that as people we aren’t always aware of the impact that our surroundings have on us. We are all but ‘products of a system’, a system of life. And no, none of this is really that ‘deep’, ’heavy’, or ‘profound‘, when you think about it. It’s just how life works. The trick is learning what to embrace, and what to keep at bay. The trick is acknowledging that there is a system and that you can change it if you need to, or simply exist in it, aaaaaaannnndddd if you can’t S is for...Stand up for yourself - well, it will probably change you.

Like, should you read these articles that I write? Hmmmmm? Tough one.

Anyway, I’m trying to make this post as short and sweet as possible. Because it’s too serious for me to waffle over.

So, the UK Government has recently made an ‘effort’ to tackle obesity. It’s exploring doing things like this:

Putting a ban on adverts for foods high in fat, sugar, and salt before 9:00pm.

Ending deals like ‘buy one get one free’ on unhealthy foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.

Having calories included on food menus.

Having a new campaign to help people lose weight, get active, and eat better.

This is the sort of stuff they are talking about.

Some pretty good ideas in there by the sounds of it. It’s maybe like a 6/10 for effort.

The one that gets me is the banning adverts one. Oh, so, we are going to acknowledge then that ‘media’ does have some kind of impact and influence on people? But, and this is the best bit...if you watch TV after 9pm you can expect plenty of advertising to help influence you becoming a fat fuck.

So, all this ‘positive’ action is being taken to tackle obesity. BUT at the same time the UK Government is applying a tax cut in the hospitality industry from 20% to 5%. So yeah, all those discounts you have started to hear fast food places promoting. This is partly why. Because of ‘The Machine’!

Yeah the tax cut is only going to be temporary, OBVIOUSLY, they’ll want that money back at some point. But all I’m saying is, if you want to ’tackle an issue’ by promoting and encouraging a particular a message, then tackle the issue by promoting and encouraging a bloody message.

Don’t give with one hand and take with the other.

So, you know...



Who wants takeaway for dinner?

Something someone supposedly said

“The people in power have created an obesity epidemeic.” - Robert Atkins


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