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S is for... Synonyms

Perhaps, one of the greatest things going. Synonyms.

For those of you that don't know, a synonym is a word that means exactly the same as or similar to another word.

Now, not exactly sure when I first really started to encounter synonyms. But I do remember one place that they made an impact on me.

Tim Robbins - absolute legend.

Martin Lawrence - absolute legend.

Nothing to Lose (1997) - absolutely class film.

Skip to 22:13, and you'll be able to watch the scene that I'm on about.

So basically, yeah, when it comes to psychology and perspective, synonyms can really help me to make better sense of a situation if I have to, and then contribute to it from there. Maybe just to flip it on it's head. To help me to be calmer, more focused, more understanding and empathetic, whatever. I use them for a whole bunch of stuff. Like in a previous post when I was talking about Spin. To put a spin on something, chances are I'm going to use a synonym. I can take something and make it more or less offensive, controversial, serious, positive, negative, whatever and make it more usable for me. I can make something more appealing to a different audience. Which to me is mad, because often fundamentally you are often just saying the same thing. Ultimately, I think the important thing to remember is whether or not the communication is symbiotic.

Procreate = Fuck

I'm not really offended by either of those words. But I know some people are. That's why when I'm talking to people I often prioritise how you are talking to me rather than what you are saying to me. If I had to choose, I think it's way more important how you speak to people rather than what you say to them. Take that last sentence for example - 'way more important' - some people would never talk like that. They would never string together a sentence like that. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I try to write as I speak and speak as I think. Some people would probably judge me in quite a negative way for speaking like that. But we all know that it depends on who you are around as to whether or not you are going to get the responses and results you want. Does, that make me manipulative? Yeah probably, but in some ways it also makes me considerate, and simply self-aware. So, go figure. Makes me think of the old saying, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Well, I know I know myself, enough about the self and enough about my relationship with the self.

You don't always have the vocabulary or knowledge to explain things as you want to. So since you don't always have the vocab, you might as well focus on the demeanour and composure to get your message across. That's what I figure anyway. As for how I speak to people, in this instance I'm writing a blog. It's a bit more passive because there is a huge distance between me and my audience. But if you met me in person, I'd still say the same stuff. How I'd say it probably depends on how you talk to me, and what else I've got going on in that moment. I can just reach more people this way. And I don't like doing videos because sometimes these posts take me a while to write. No one is going to sit and watch me think in between typing or proofreading - which I do, but hopefully I've got pretty much what I want to say across in the first draft. Plus I wouldn't really want someone sitting and watching me write - not unless they want to pay me for it. If people did really want to watch me live stream my thoughts into the world on these topics in real time, they really should probably be finding something better to do.

Back to the point again, synonyms. As a kid, I distinctly remember, before I moved from Wolverhampton to Exmouth my teacher at Birches Bridge First School, whose name I forget now, telling me she thought I was really good at poetry.

I had written a poem about cats. I love cats, hence why I wrote the poem. Pretty sure that was the brief - write a poem about something you love. Great brief by the way. When I was really little we used to have a few cats. But the one I remember from being really little was called Fergie. A ginger tabby.

So anyway, I wrote that poem. Moved to Exmouth, but always remembered being told by my teacher; that she thought I was good at poetry. So I clinged on to that feedback. As a kid, I consciously made an effort at various points to try to be a poet. Not so much because I loved writing poetry, I grew into that I think, but probably because I had been told I was good at something. That is why feedback is important, that is why communication is important. It shapes situations and it shapes the people in those situations.

At different points the dictionary and thesaurus have been good friends of mine. Now, having just written that sentence - I'm kind of glad I never really pursued solely that dream of becoming a poet. As far as I'm concerned, anyone that can put together some words is a poet. They just don't know it. classic.

As for this blog. I've stated that I want it to be about perception, performance, progress and perseverance. Which is true. Largely in relation to the idea of coaching. But it's not in-keeping with the theme of 'S'. Which doesn't really bother me, but I think it would be cooler if it did keep in theme. It would certainly have more of an impact on what I'm trying to demonstrate; that psychology and the way we talk to ourselves has a massive impact on what we do . Now, I haven't planned this next part. But I haven't intentionally done that. It isn't an accident either. It's just part of the way an idea grows and develops. I haven't gone, let me set this up, so that in a few posts time, i.e. today, I can use this as an example. Over the past few weeks I just put my thoughts into words and am tweaking them as I go.

So. Perception, performance, progress and perseverance. That's what I'm working with. I specifically chose those words because they genuinely reflect the topics I want to explore. I intentionally put them in that order as well because it is more logical in terms of how to use them together as a process. 'See', 'do', 'advance', 'keep going'. But I want to add to it; Peace and Prosperity, which I'm going to say means success. Also, Peruse which I'm going to say means study, which also means analyse.

So here we go. This is what I had:






Peace and Prosperity

Which as far as I'm concerned also means pretty much the same as:





Staying Power


Now I think that's a pretty good model for development. THAT, is in keeping with my 'S is for Something' theme. That shows the power of synonyms. That shows how easily you can flip something on it's head or put a spin on it.

Goodbye. Adios. Auf Wiedersehen. Ciao. Au revior. Zàijiàn. Totsiens. Proshchay.

Who doesn't love a good quote?

"Here is a synonym for procreation... Fuck you!" - Martin Lawrence

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