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S is for... Symbiotic

S is for... Symbiotic

This is what it’s all about. When I say it, I mean...this writing it, you reading much whatever you want it to be.

Symbiotic means mutually beneficial. So, benefit from reading this blog at the same time that I benefit from writing it.

But symbiotic can apply to any relationship. Whether or not the parties involved, however, are benefiting mutually is always up for debate. Some negotiations are likely to take place. Someone may be more easily satisfied than the other. Someone may be taking the piss and exploiting the other party and therefore only one person is really benefiting. Maybe the person being exploited doesn’t think they are being exploited, maybe they think they are benefiting because they have been influenced to believe so. But as long as both parties believe they are benefiting that’s a good omen that what is being done is good.

That’s obviously bollocks, because what about everyone else? What about those not privy to this specific mutually beneficial relationship but who are impacted by its decisions? What if it doesn’t benefit them?

Symbiotism exists all the the time in all relationships; those that have been consciously acknowledged as a relationships and even those that people don’t even realised are relationships. What do I mean? Well, before you knew about me we were in a relationship. At this moment right now you might know about me but me not know about you; that’s a different type of relationship. As soon as I know about you and you know about me that’s another different type of relationship again. Naturally I could know about you and you not know about me - but as we all know...we’d call that stalking, and me a creepy mother fucker.

That’s about it. An interesting word covering an interesting concept.

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

“In business courtesy and efficiency have a symbiotic relationship.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

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