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S is for...Sustainable

S is for...Sustainable

It’s not fucking hard, is it? Reduce, reuse, recycle.

It’s all the climate change stuff that is floating around constantly that has inspired me to write today. But I would have written about this about some point regardless of that. As long as there are words around that begin with S, at some point, I will write about them. So long as there is still a fucking planet for me to live on that allows me to be able to write about them!

This is absolute bollocks by the way! It’s Sunday morning, I should be lying in bed, which I am. But, I should be all kushty and comfortable, just chilling. But no, I’m working myself up into a frenzy writing about fucking sustainability. Wankers!

I’d write about the topic, sustainable, regardless. Because from an S is for Something perspective you need to make sure that whatever it is you are trying to achieve has a sustainable approach to it. Unless of course you want to James Dean it, ‘Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse’. In which case, yeah fuck if, just piss and shit wherever you like mate.

But for real, you need it to be sustainable. It’s just logical. Not sustainable = no planet = no you = no live fast die young. Ahhhhh gotta love the realm of morbid to make a valid point.

On to my next point. It’s a marathon, not a sprint; life, that is. Now before you get into it and think that marathons are boring, Mo Farah would still absolutely destroy you in a 100m sprint, mate. He would. You would get nailed. Mo would even finish admirably behind Usain Bolt in a 100m sprint. He would. You and I on the other hand. Meehhhhhh, for a lot of us, not so much. By the time you finish reading this paragraph, Usain has probably been able to loop back and beat you again, then strike his signature pose. Mo too. Bo! That’s just how good they are. When I wrote this paragraph originally I think I made it a bit too short. So I added a bit. Then I added this bit to make sure it actually made a bit of sense and they actually beat you. Just because I know some twat out there is calculating whether or not they could be beaten in the time it takes to finish readingthis paragraph!! Hhhhhhahahahahahahaha!

News just in. You lost. One, because you don’t have enough info to do a sound calculation. Two, because you were reading that last paragraph instead of training. You’re welcome.

But even Usain’s approach is that of a marathon. The preparation time takes ages. Check this out. The 100m sprint is, well it’s 100m innit. A marathon is 42195m. 100 x 421.95 = 42195. It’s not like Usain does 421.95 times less training compared to Mo is it?!?! They both train.



S. Uhh. Stainably.

Probably roughly the same amount. It just has a different focus. So it looks different. It looks like one does more than the other. But it’s the same, it’s just structured differently. In fact boys and girls, last time I checked it was 4 years between each Summer their training has to basically be the same. But different. But sort of the same. If slightly different. But basically the same. Ok, subtly different, but kind of the same. Fundamentally? It’s the same. It’s training. Remember, we’re aren’t just talking about the body here. It’s everything. Mind. Body. Spirit. Everyday. Train that shit!

Ahem, sustainable.

I remember watching Billy Connolly a bunch of times on video as a kid. He looks at the world and life in interesting ways. Billy is an absolute legend. Part of the reason I look at the world the way I do is because of Billy. Which in part is because of my step-dad, who is Scottish. Who loves Billy Connolly’s humour.

What’s this got to do with sustainable? Well, Billy on one of his shows is talking about a time he talks to a Nun. He’s talking about how we, planet Earth, could be part of a chair leg and not even know it. When you start to think about life like that you can really see us for what we really are. A big old organism. Humans are basically bacteria.

‘Oh Chris, that’s so insulting and offensive.’

Listen, there is good and bad bacteria fuck stick, shut the fuck up. You sound like a bad bacteria to me. Good day.

So, that’s the mission. To be a good bacteria, OR be a bad bacteria; fuck up the planet and kill it, OR support the planet and sustain it.

If you don’t believe in climate change. I think you are just shit at English and rejecting reality. I mean shit, climate change, it basically means the same as life, right? It just means, being alive, existing.

Google to the rescue.

Climate = the weather conditions prevailing in an area over a long period.

Weather = the state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time as regards, heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain etc.

etc. ?!?!!! See even Google has basically gone. Pffft, fuck this we are going to be here for ages. Etc.

Atmosphere = if you really think I’m going keep digging through definitions of words to demonstrate the elaborate nature of existence and life through the medium of writing and language, then you are very much right. Right. Yep, here it is, just bumping up the word count a little bit for your escapist pleasure and enjoyment.

Atmosphere = the envelope of gases surrounding the Earth or another planet.

Earth = yeah mate, where we live. Where life is. Llllliiiiiiiiiiiiivvvveeeee!!!!

Climate = weather = atmosphere = Earth = life

Have I always lived sustainably? No! (But kind of must have because I’m still here.) Do I claim to be a saint? No! Do I give a fuck? Yes/No! Do I try to be sustainable? Yeah!

Because, I’m not a piece of shit. Ok, I’m not 100% a piece of shit.

Now go and recycle you bitches!

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

“When you are younger, you feel like work is work and relationships are supposed to be easy. As you get older you realise you have to work at relationships to make them sustainable.” - Vince Vaughn

Songs to listen to now:

Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George - Jack Johnson and Friends

If that fucking adorable little monkey doesn’t encourage you to recycle we are all fucked, anyway!

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