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S is for...Survey

So, loads of talk happens in the world these days. Better put, loads of expression. Because a lot of this talk isn’t actually’s dancing, or photos, or memes, or music, or whatever. And that’s a genuine thing. That’s not even an exaggeration. More of it happens. Factoid.

Population has grown a shit ton. Forms of expression have developed a shit ton. So there is more of it happening than there was 10, 15, 20 years ago. So no wonder loads of people are always stressed out, or freaking out, or fighting. Because half the time no one understands what the fuck is actually going on. There is loads more talk going on. Everyone is trying to make sense of it. Trying their best. If you aren’t trying, I worry about you. I reckon I try on the ‘Chris Davy try my best scale’ about a 6 out of 11 most days. That’s how much harder I try than you. My scale is like a Spinal Tap scale. It goes to 11, so I win.

But based on the whole stress thing, that’s why I live where I live; because the pace of life suits me. I studied in Kingston. I was born in Wolverhampton; I lived there until I was 8, and lived there again a little after I finished Uni. But Devon is chill in comparison to these places. Big time. Love London. Love Wolverhampton. But Devon as a day to day is way more chilled out. There is nowhere near, NOWHERE near as much stress in Devon.

Anyways, what’s this got to do with survey? This blog focuses on performance and progress remember. Well, life is made up of decisions. Fact. Want me to prove it?

Boom! Just proved it.

I’ve read - and before you start, who cares if it’s true? I read it on the I internet, it’s obviously true. I’ve read that the average person can make up to 35,000 decisions per day. Mental. Don’t believe me? If you want I’ll prove it and count how many I make shall I? That’s at least 4 you’ve made in the past minute already. Make that 5. He he. And I will do it, but you'll have to pay me. £1 for every decision I document.

Put it this way - little bit of mathematicity: 60seconds x 60minutes x 16hours (average person sleeps roughly 8 hours a day, so bin off those 8 hours) = 57,600seconds in a day. What constitutes a decision? Fucked if I know, but anyway, that’s a lot of seconds still to play with. To estimate that every day we make a shit ton of decisions sounds about the right number.

What’s more the UK we’ve just had one of the most pivotal surveys take place. The whole Brexit deal thing. Just remember whatever happens we’ll continue to always have some kind of vote or a survey going on. Yeah, great.

But as much as I’m interested in that. And I generally am. For the record, I voted remain. Genuinely considered voting leave. But whatever. To be honest - as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t make much fucking difference if we stay or go with the political system structured as it is. The political system is shit. Politicians aren’t held accountable for their actions. They do shit jobs a lot of them and just remain in their roles. But that’s because the system doesn’t really allow for otherwise. If the overall system is shit it doesn’t matter who is leading it.

It’s like when Michael Schumacher left Ferrari. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest racing drivers in the history of the world. Put him in a shit car and he didn’t win. But he clearly is one of the greatest drivers in history. He was in a great car when he won, but he didn’t always win in a great car did he? But he still had to have the skills to drive the car, it’s not like ‘anyone’ could just hop in and do it. It required a lot to perform at that level. I mean, think you could do it, jump on into a car today and prove it. My point is our political system, our ‘car’ is shit. Even a politician as good at politics as Michael Schumacher was at racing would struggle. We need a Niki Lauda politician. One that is good at politics but good at engineering political systems too. That’s how good you would have to be to sort our dogshit political system out. Does that mean I think Niki Lauda is better than Schumacher. Shit mate, I don’t know enough about formula one. But I know that before Schumacher there was Lauda. And Lauda could race AND was a great mechanic too. If our political system was a car it would never pass it's MOT, it would have rust on the wheel arches, it would probably be like one of those bikes where you turn left but the wheels actually go right. Naff.

If I was to compare myself to a formula one racer in terms of how good I would be at politics...well I fucking wouldn’t would I?! Because I can’t fucking drive a formula one car can I?! So I’d have a better chance being a grid girl - which by the way - I think it’s bollocks they got rid of them. People moan about not having jobs, those girls had jobs. People moaned saying it was sexist, now those girls don’t have that gig anymore. It was there fucking choice wasn’t it?! If they want to do the job let them do the job!

If you are reading this saying politicians are trying their best. Maybe their best isn’t good enough? And I’ve already said I’ll run for prime minister if people wanted me to. But only if the turn out for the election is 80%. If it’s not, I’m not interested. I’ll just keep doing the voting thing.

Genuinely if you ask me, politicians are almost pointless creatures. They work largely in an environment of intangibles. I mean I can think and spout shit. LOOK at all these fucking blog posts I’ve written!!!! Look at them!! My point being, if you work in an environment of intangibles, surely by now you’d have something to show for it? As in, a fucking philosophy or system? Their job is based in headspace. So what the fuck is going on up there? My system is the 'S is for System System'. And it’s S is for Sweet.

Anyway, all this talk of surveys and politics, I’m going to do a survey of my own. Because essentially moaning is complaining, and complaining is feedback just with a shitty tone of voice. The important question is though, what should the survey be on? And that folks is the most important question that you can ask.

Tell me what the most important question is on the facebook poll.

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

"As a great man's influence never ends, so also there is not definite finality, no end, to a great survery; it runs along for centuries, ever responsive to the strain of the increasing needs of a growing population and an enlarging domain." - Cleveland Abbe

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