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S is for...Surveillance

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Okey dokey boys and girls. Here comes the reality check. Just watched this mad video where a lady has been fined for feeding the pigeons a piece of sausage roll. £150!!

Let’s start getting a grip, shall we?

Pigeons. Yeah, bit of a pest, they shit everywhere, that’s a bit gross.

But it’s not like pigeons aren’t useful. They are part of the eco system. No, I’m not an eco system pro, but I’m also not completely dense.

Let’s, S is for...Simplify the shit out of this.

The eco system requires all things to work in harmony in order for life to sustain itself. If it doesn’t, then possibly a strain can occur, and the eco system either can or cannot recover from it. Continuous bouts of strain that it can’t recover from eventually means that the eco system would collapse and we all fucking die.

“It’s the ciiiiiirrrcccclllleeee of liiifffeeee!!! And it moves us all!!!”


Anyway, this entry was about surveillance. A gargantuan S. Perhaps the biggest S of them all? Obviously not, that would be something like substantial. But still, surveillance is a very important S nonetheless.

The reason I’ve come to write about it today is because I’ve been meaning to do a blog entry for a while. But I’ve been busy writing the book.

S is for...Shameless plug

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But surveillance is a really important one I wanted to address. Then I saw this video, and started to go fucking mental. It’s just silly and does my head in.

The person is clearly doing their job issuing the fine. Don’t have a problem with that. That’s your job, do it. But please question what you are doing. Don’t leave it to the rest of it to question it for you:

This lady threw down some sausage roll. It got eaten by a pigeon. It’s now gone. She got fined for....littering - food waste. Not feeding the pigeons, littering.


“Littering - Food Waste” contrary to “Section 87/88 Environmental Protection Act 1990”

But now there’s no fucking litter is there, mate?!?! Ffffuuuuuucckk oooooofffff!!!!

Where does the surveillance bit come from? How does it tie in to this? Well, when you are being watched, you tend to act differently. You know it, I know it. Studies have been done on this. Remember, I’m a loser who studied film. Which is all about watching people. But I didn’t learn about this specific surveillance based gem from my degree. I got told about it by a mate. There was a study done that is known as the Hawthorne Effect. It was about the introduction of lights in a factory and it explored the different performances of the workers in the factory.

Really fascinating stuff. Check it out.

Now here’s the thing. The guy in the video, well he’s in a fucking video isn’t he?! Clearly he’s being watched. Not only that, he’s being filmed, and he probably knows that this shit is going viral and going to be all over the news. So, he’s going to enter into what I’m going to call ‘safe mode’. Which is, he’s doing his job. He’s going to play it safe. It’s like auto pilot, self-preservation mode. Which is why he ended up issuing the fine, even though in reality it’s utter bollocks.

Thing is, we are all being watched. We have been watched for years. Pretty much since birth. Trouble is, lots of people don’t think or challenge how they are told to act, with how they think they should or want to act.

And now everyone’s got a fucking video camera it’s no wonder the world is loopy and shit some days. Everyone’s paranoid as fuck, thinking they are going to be done over or caught out.

Listen, you’re watching me. I’m watching you. Yeah we’re all fucking watching each other. But please can we just get a fucking grip and cut out some of this crazy stupid shit?!

If you want to look at something funny, scary and utterly ridiculous then look up outrageous British laws. These are real laws that are still in existence in the UK. But being the UK were are a bit fucking slack and lazy and just leave shit on the side and don’t tidy it up. It’s terrifying.

Something someone supposedly said

“Discipline is just doing the same thing the right way whether anyone’s watching or not.” - Michael J. Fox


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