• Chris Davy

S is for...Support Samaritans

So, I WAS going to write an article today about how this would be my last S is for...Something article; perhaps for a while, perhaps forever. I've already gone on hiatus writing for Silly Linguistics Magazine. And I've been looking at my outgoings and gone, "Yeah, I could free up some time and save myself some cash if I stopped doing S is for...Something." Which, as we can all see, just by the notion of that very sentence is nothing short of S is for...Stupid. Because I'll just end up doing S is for...Something else instead. We are all ALWAYS doing S is for...Something.

Plus, when you are onto a good thing, and you know you are onto a good thing you really shouldn't quit. As a self-proclaimed coach, and an actual qualified coach, I S is for...Should really know better. And I do know better, I do know that S is for...Something is a good thing. But that doesn't mean that doubt and the temptation to quit doesn't surface from time to time.

ANYWAY, INSTEAD what I've decided to do is this. In classic S is for...Style it's S is for...Short, sweet, and simple. The cost of me having the website and blog is about £100 a year. Which is literally S is for...Sod all. Especially given the artistic and creative output it provides me with in return. Which in turn is just good for me.

And it just so happens to be World Mental Health day. So here's the deal. Given that I started writing this blog with coaching at the focus of it. And my focus is largely on mnemonics a.k.a. mindfulness. I would love it if you helped me raise some money to support a good cause. Now, I'm not normally one to 'do charity'.

Hear me out.

I don't normally 'do charity' because I believe countries should be governed and run well enough that charities should be a bonus, and a nice extra. They shouldn't be relied upon to provide the support that everyone needs. But more and more it seems to me like we are relying on charities because government is failing.

You know what I mean?

Put it this way, just LOOK at the number of charities that exist now in the UK. And, remind me again what I pay my taxes for exactly? Anyway, to save going on a political rant, if we can hit £200 raised then I'll keep the website, I'll keep sharing what I know, and I'll keep pushing and supporting the good cause. Otherwise, well yeah, the S is for...Smart thing for me to do is just find S is for...Something else to do.

The target is £200 because the website costs me £100. I don't do breaking even. So, it's either 100% progress or not at all. So the target is £200. Oh yeah, and there was only ever going to be one charity to S is for...Support in this instance.

The S is for...Samaritans. So please, S is for...Support. Share. Stick at it.

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