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S is for...Sublime



You possibly have no idea who he is. But I’m telling you now. He is a legend. At least in my eyes.

Bradley Nowell used to be in a band called Sublime. And like so many great artists, he died in a sad manner. Drug overdose. He died in 1996.

Today I’ve been out in the car to pick up a new mattress. My back is knackered. So, new mattress = hopefully loving life again. It’s got a gel top layer, oooooo fancy.

But on the way home I heard a version of Summertime on Radio 1. Summertime the song originally composed by George Gershwin.

So, I’m listening for a bit, then thought, hmmmm that sounds like Lana Del Rey, I think. When I got a chance I checked it out on my phone. And yeah, it was Lana Del Rey doing Summertime.

But the thing is, it’s not actually ‘Summertime’ because she isn’t doing that. She’s covering Sublime’s adaptation or Summertime, called ‘Doin’ Time’. Her version it actually it turns out was released in 2019.

Listen man, I don’t go out in the car a lot. I walk where I can, because then I get some exercise. So, because of that I don’t really listen to the radio anymore. So kids, I don’t know what’s hip! Ok!

But I was happy to hear it. Because it means that some people will hopefully check out Bradley Nowell and Sublime.

And now, because I’ve written this, maybe you will too.

Something someone supposedly said

“Life is short, so love the one you got.” - Bradley Nowell


Come on man, you know how this works now. Check out the Sublime catalogue.

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