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S is for...Style

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

There’s a lot of important S’s. There are

some that I consider to be pretty significant and warrant a bit more focus than others. These days syncretism is pretty much always at the top of my list. But I think style probably comes in at a very close second.

The way I see it style is basically fashion, and taste. I have my style, you have your style. My style is either to your liking, to your taste, or it isn’t; and vice versa. That said, your style probably is to my liking, because I’m not shallow and I actually try to understand why people are like they are, and are into the things they are into. It’s a really useful thing I’ve learnt called listening. If my style isn’t to your liking then yeah, you’ve guessed it, it’s probably because you are shallow and care about little more than yourself. Congratulations.

The thing that I keep in mind the most is that style, like fashion, pretty much comes and goes like the tides. Yes there are elements of evolution and innovation that occur when genuinely new styles and fashions emerge. But all in all these days, fashion is just the same old stuff, rebranded, remanufactured, and remarketed hopefully at a point when enough people have forgotten about it to make it seem fresh and exciting.

My Mum used to own a ladies clothes store in Wolverhampton when I was a kid, before that it used to be my Nan’s. It was called Laura’s, which was my Nan’s name. Years later my Mum had another ladies clothes store for a while. I’ve been around fashion enough to know all this; that it’s just swings and roundabouts. But I’ve also been around fashion enough to know it doesn’t make any sense. Because in spite of all that, there is a knack to it that some people have. Something that allows them to make, or know which, things are more popular and ‘fashionable’. Me, I don’t get it. I tried to make more sense of it when I was a kid. But ultimately, clothes are just material. I go with the whole I will make any clothes look good kind of thing. I wear clothes to stay warm and eradicate the whole awkward walking round naked problem.

When it comes to fashion...and people start talking seriously about in ‘this is better than that’...then I pretty much just switch off, mate. Because, if you are genuinely saying one thing is better than another but it doesn’t serve any practical function other than keeping you warm and save you from walking around naked then...and you just think it ‘looks good’...I tend to think you are just being weird. You basically haven’t grown as a person if you only like one style.

On another note, I wanted to write about style in relation to this blog. I share a lot of my thoughts and feelings through writing. It’s my style. I could do videos, I could do podcasts, I could do live shows, I could just keep it all to myself and not share anything at all. I have the capability to do all those things. But truth be told, I choose writing because I think it is the coolest style of communication. Out of all the means of communication, reading and writing is perhaps the most incredible. I think it is perhaps the most powerful style of communication. Why do I think that? Well...from what I’ve seen, there’s a few books kicking around on planet Earth that a lot of people seem to make quite a lot of fuss about. Like A LOT of fuss.

But seriously, most of us take speaking and listening for granted on a daily basis I think. In fact most of us take most things for granted. And why the bloody hell shouldn’t we?! Someone’s got to!

But reading and writing is utterly mental. I mean look at all this nonsense that I’ve written here, and yet you can make sense of it. Weird little shapes and symbols that actually mean stuff. So I think that’s why reading and writing is so cool; because you actually have to try to make sense of it. Speaking and listening however, are typically much much easier forms of communication to learn and use. Hell, my boy is 16 months old and we have little chats. But he can’t really read or write yet. Point proven. The skill it takes to write is an impressive one.

So, that’s why I write this. Because it’s important. Because all these other clowns that do podcasts and videos and all that stuff. Yeah mate, that’s ace. I dig it. But reading and writing is where it’s at. I’m keeping the scene alive. It’s a much more active and engaging means of communication. When you actually get it. But low and behold like a lot of things, in order to get good at it and appreciate it, you have to practise. Which is why most people don’t bother with reading and writing. You have to actually try.

You don’t really need a great deal of skill to be able to watch and listen. Speaking, a slightly different beast. But to read and write, that takes some doing.

I highly imagine that the majority of people won’t even have made it to this point in the article. Because, it isn’t to their style. Because they just can’t be bothered, because it doesn’t stimulate or satisfy them as much as a video or podcast would. And that, is pretty much everything that is wrong with the world. People looking for the same old stimulus instead of trying to push themselves to grow and improve. And the wondering why they aren’t happy or satisfied.

And to those people I say, you deserve everything you’ve got. You mugs. Put some effort in.

Something someone supposedly said

“There is creative reading as well creative writing.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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