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S is for... Stupid

Let's cut the bullshit. New Year's Resolutions, what a crock of shit. That's maybe going to piss a few of you off. That's alright, chill out, I never said you were stupid. I sad they w ere stupid. And since resolutions are pretty much just a concept and there to be discussed, I guess in a way that makes me stupid for saying they are stupid. Happy now? I'm stupid.

But seriously, they are pretty weird when you think about it.

I reckon, my first encounter with New Year's Resolutions was probably at school. No idea what it was I would have decided upon. Just got roped into the whole notion of it all; like I imagine a lot of us did. I probably chose something like, don't eat so many sweets, don't drink so much fizzy pop, don't stick anything weird up your nose. On a serious note - if any of you have made any resolutions and structured them in that way i.e. 'don't do such and such.' You've just made it really difficult for yourself already. Because your focus is still on the thing you don't want to do. Duh! You are probably allowing it to occupy your thoughts EVEN MORE than you did before you made the resolution.

So, my advice, if you want to make a resolution - just focus on the things you do want to do. Ignore all the shit you don't want to do - If, when and should you catch yourself doing the shit you don't want to do - have a word with yourself and sort your shit out. i.e.

'Listen Chris, don't be a bell-end, you don't need to eat that whole entire cheesecake just because if you don't it will go to waste and you are a tight bastard when it comes to money. Share it.'

So start with a resolution that sounds more like this one.

'This year I WILL wash at least once.'

Good resolution by the way!

It seems New Year's Resolutions have been around for a long time. Pretty much all linked to religion in one way or another. Not really any surprises there. Once again, I'm relying on the mighty Wikipedia to clarify this for me, obviously.

Ok, seriously, seriously, I don't think New Year's Resolutions are a bad thing. I think it's good to want to better yourself and improve on things. But I do think it is important how you go about doing it. That whole focus thing I was just going on about, that's what I'm going on about. See how you get on, if you are struggling, just have a dabble with what I was talking about in terms of words and focusing your efforts.

What are my resolutions for this year? Well, I've always got some kind of target on the go anyway. I don't know when I really started to really consciously set my own targets and really strive to achieve them - possibly when I was at Uni, couldn't be arsed with it anymore, and basically convinced myself to see it through and not drop out. It was such a big commitment to me, that even though going into my final year it was apparent that I wasn't necessarily going to get a good grade, I knew in this instance I had to finish what I had started. I wasn't going to quit. That is not a habit you want to get into. Well, it might be, but you've got to figure out what's worth quitting and what's not. Man, this shit is way too confusing!!!!

Obviously, I'd set myself targets way before that, but nothing really seemed that significant to me before then. I had got a B in my media studies one year - that pissed me off. I knew I should have got an A. So I retook it and got an A. Bam! I spent a whole PE session once trying to throw a basketball backwards over my head from half way into the net. Was about 13/14 maybe? I was a pretty skinny weak boy when I was a teenager, not much has changed. But I did it, and Mrs. Holland was there to see it, after everyone else had gone to lunch. I literally did it with my last throw before I was about to leave myself.

What are my targets this year? WELL, here are a few.

I'd like to get my FA Coaching Level 2. So we'll see what happens there. It's partly about money, it's partly about time and location. If I want it THAT badly, I'll find a way to do it.

I'm also tempted to do my Gym Instructing Level 2. Same issues.

I've got some script ideas I want to get written. I had planned to do that around this time of year. But I'm sat here writing this stupid(topical) blog instead. But I reckon I'll be able to do that when the time is right - that means money.

I've got an acoustic EP that I've been planning for ages. I will record that this year.

I had wanted to do some sort of qualification based on nutrition. But can't find anything reeeeeallly worthwhile when it comes qualifications. So probably won't do that. I mean really, how much food really is there? I'll just keep making it up as I go along and watch some more youtube. And keep eating of course.

Keep writing this blog, because it's a doss and good fun.

Generally get fitter and stronger. That's always a struggle, because it's about time and money to me and planning and juggling your day and all that crap. I've done a lot to put myself in a good position to do that this year. We'll see how I get on.

That's about it really. All I know is, don't spend your days just daydreaming.

Who doesn't love a good quote?

"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves." - Bill Vaughan

Songs to listen to now:

Auld Lang Syne - Robert Burns / Roud # 6294

Change - Blind Melon

Happy New Year - ABBA

Funky New Year - Eagles

New Year's Day - U2

Changes - David Bowie

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