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S is for... Strategy

S is for... Strategy

Basically, before I get too many posts into this blog. It's probably important that I have some kind of strategy. For a bunch of reasons. But mainly to answer the question, what's the point?

Well, I said in recent posts. The point of the blog was, in part, pretty much a way for me to collate my thoughts and philosophy on coaching. Specifically basketball. But in reality it's much more than that. How do I know that? Well have you ever heard of me? And if you have, is it for basketball? No probably not. Those of you that are coming across me for the first time, know me because of this blog. Unless you've been punching in random names like mine into search engines, how else would you have found me? The hashtags? Some of the key words and phrases? Possibly, because we have mutual friends on Facebook? Or the fact that we are friends on Facebook and I've shoved this under your nose? Maybe you liked a picture on Instagram and then wanted to dive a little deeper? Twitter? Doubt it, I've not refined the way I'm using that yet. As of today, 0 followers of this on Twitter. But I expect that, because I'm not using social media to anywhere near its full potential. My Twitter strategy is weak. LinkedIn has been far more impactful, so far. I had a brief conversation this week with a reputable basketball coach based in the UK. Someone who I have never spoken to before, but someone I did today because of social media and, my strategy.

So yeah, I said it's about much more than my thoughts and philosophy on coaching basketball. Yeah, I'll make my point in a moment.

An important element of my strategy that I will apply is, keeping a list of what I write about and when. I don't necessarily want to repeat myself. But if I do, I want to build on what I've explored before. It's technically impossible to repeat yourself anyway as far as I'm concerned, because every moment is a new moment. It's not reeeeeally true repetition is it? If you want to repeat something, then crack on.

But what is my strategy? Can I give it a name? Does it already exist and have model name by which it is referred to? And what is the point of it?

Well, it's my strategy and I can only ever really call it my strategy. Unless I want to sound like an absolute tool, speak in third person and call it the 'Chris Davy Strategy'. I think, in some ways it simultaneously does and doesn't already exist. Some of it is premeditated and some of it I'll figure out as I go. But the bits that I make up, someone else has probably done before in their own way. Some of it will be pure innovation on my part, and some of it will be me using established methods that I know.

What's the point of it? Well, I want to achieve something. That's the point of any strategy. But you can only assess the effectiveness of strategy when you put it into context in relation to the aim. So what's my aim? What is my something?

I've achieved a bunch of stuff in life already. But this isn't just about me. It's about us, all of us. But I'd like the aim to be partly about basketball. I'd like any aspiring basketball players, or athletes of any kind for that matter, to read what I have to say and see if it strikes a chord with them. If you think you can use it to help you in sport, then go for it. If any of you think you can use any of this for good then go for it. In my lifetime I want to see the Great Britain Basketball Team win a Gold Medal at the Olympics, win Eurobasket and win the World Cup. I was often told as a kid, "I want doesn't get". Which is true, it doesn't. Unless you go out and get it. So, I NEED Great Britain Basketball to flourish. It's fundamental to who I am. Great Britain winning these titles is my definition of getting it.

Great Britain is the International Team that represents where I'm from, where I was born. That's why I want it to succeed. It's my home.

But in order for that to happen, we need another S... solidarity. That is why I know this is about much more than my thoughts and philosophy on coaching basketball. It's about solidarity. Basketball after all is a team game. It's just a vehicle for me to achieve that aim. But if I achieve it, we all achieve it. The only thing that really changes is how close you are to the center of the action.

My strategy then? Absolutely give it some and keep on chasing that dream until it becomes reality.

*This is why music is so important - I'm just making the songs to listen to now list. Faithless are one of my favourite artists. Reverence is an absolute craft. So that was always going to be on the list. I punch in 'Strategy' on Spotify and Strategy by Archie Bell & The Drells comes up. I hit play. I recognise that. I know it's Faithless. Little bit of digging. This is what Faithless used as the backing track for Muhammad Ali. EVERYDAY is a school day!

Fact is. We are all already connected. It's just a matter of knowing it and accepting it.

Who doesn't love a good quote?

"A vision without a strategy remains an illusion." - Lee Bolman

Songs to listen to now:

Reverence - Faithless

Strategy - Archie Ball & The Drells

Buffalo Charge - Dub Phizix, Strategy

Slowly Drifting - Strategy Ki

Strategy - Sean Paul

This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson

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