• Chris Davy

S is for...Strangers, Three Identical

So, if you’ve binge watched all of Tiger King already and are now looking for some equally mental shit to watch. Three Identical Strangers is it. I stumbled across it a little while back on tv somewhere, but I jumped in half way through the documentary.

The other night I sat down and watched it again properly. If you think Tiger King is mental then Three Identical Strangers is more crazy. Because tigers can’t ‘talk’, but humans can. And the other difference is, tigers, as far as we are aware, don’t think quite like humans do. But humans do think, and are capable of coming up with some fucked up theory and logic. Then they put that into practise. Terrifying. That’s my take on what happens in Three Identical Strangers.

I mean, a tiger’s logic of eating things and people, if we apply it to ourselves, seems pretty fucked up too. But meeehhh, they‘re a tiger, and what? If you had to, you’d probably eat a person too. #justsayin This documentary isn’t about people eating people, by the way. But in some ways it’s definitely on a par on the this-is-crazy-as-shit-o-meter!

There‘s so much I’d love to write about it. But half the fun of watching anything is not knowing what is coming. That’s what makes it so interesting. So, I won’t spoil it for you anymore than I may have already. If you want something interesting to watch, watch that. But I won’t say it’s good. It’s far from good. It’s most definitely bad. But it is very interesting. When you watch it, you’ll see what I mean.

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