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S is for...Strange to me

I don’t really know what else to put for this article title.

I’ve got a few different things to write about, so it’s going to take a little bit of time to get through

Basically, after Ben(Bradshaw, Member of Parliament for Exeter) told me to check out local Labour Party activities, I thought I’d check them out and see what is on offer.

And, whilst I’m fully onboard with backing Labour in order to get a Tory government out of Downing Street. This local events thing is weak. Because, as I suspected, it’s just weird.

See for yourself.

Labour East: Digital Marketing

New members: Cambridgeshire

Labour East: Dialogue and how to have good quality conversations

Monday masterclass: Dialogue training

New members: Bedfordshire

Labour East Role Holders Training: LGBT+ and officers

Monday masterclass: Setting up candidate profiles on Facebook

Running and effective Facebook campaign

Paid advertising on Facebook using Reach

(All online events) So yeah, clearly there aren’t any local events going on because of Covid. All of this is online stuff. But, seriously, what in the actual is this?

But I had a bit of a snoop around the rest of the site. And yeah, when they can take place, actual party events might include something like chatting at an event with an MP or something like that.

Now, maybe it appears to some that I’ve been living under a rock and I should realise that this is what happens. But I know I won’t be the only one that:

1. Doesn’t know that this is what happens.


2. Thinks it’s lame.

I don’t know what I‘d expect to happen. But I know what I think is weird. Anyway, I’m going to suspect that all political parties pretty much do weird things like this. So, whatever. I’m going to leave them to it. I’ve got my agenda. They’ve got theirs.

My advice is, politics is important, but I’m not sure that meeting up to discuss dialogue training, digital marketing, and Facebook advertising is what I’d make a priority.

As far as I’m concerned politics and politicians should work to provide the solid foundations of a healthy arena for which actual fun, interesting, and socially important stuff can take place., and art, and theatre, and sport, and entertainment. As well as the important stuff,, healthcare, public’s services, scientific research, and the development of technology.

If that stuff isn’t happening fluidly, and frequently then in my mind something is wrong. That thing being that S is for...Someone isn’t doing S is for...Something very well.

Anyway, the most interesting bit of all this.

I’ve been actively interested in music for years.

And some people that I know play in function bands.

One year, one band that I know played at both a Labour Party and a Conservative Party conference.

AND THAT ladies, gentlemen, and those identifying otherwise, is why politics is bollocks.

Because what could have happened instead was, just have a decent concert that everyone, EVERYONE goes to, and then all the politicians work together to make life better for everyone. And the event isn’t a ‘political party conference’, it’s just a concert.

So yeah, that’s basically what it all comes down to. Megalomaniacs. Megalomaniacs that have to have things done their way. Because, I’m pretty sure the last time we checked...there were already loads of social gatherings on offer to everyone. But for some reason, ahem, money, people are encouraged to partake in politically fuel events and activities.

Anyway, mission Proportional Representation is still in full effect. Let’s see what happens next.

There you have it. A wonderful insight into this weird political journey I’ve currently embarked on.

A bake sale! Or that men in sheds thing. Or robot wars. Something cool. As well as critically dissecting and constructing effective policies. That’s what politicians and political parties should be doing. Not dicking around on Facebook! That’s what nobs like me are for!

The lazy S is for...Sausages!

Something someone supposedly said

A policy is a temporary creed liable to be changed, but while it holds good it has got to be pursued with apostolic zeal.” - Mahatma Ghandi


What’s going on? - Marvin Gaye

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