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S is for...Story of success, The

‘Outliers -The story of success‘ is a book.

By a guy called Malcolm Gladwell.

In short, it’s wicked.

You ten million percent should read it.

It’s about some really interesting stuff.

I started reading it because my brother recommended it to me. He’s a coach, I’m a coach. We talk about ‘coachy stuff’ from time to time. I had a chat with him recently and that’s pretty much why he brought the book up again. I’ve just never made the time to read it. The conversation we had I’ve had a few times with a bunch of people. It usually goes something like,

I’m not surprised that ’so and so’ is good at ‘such and such’ because their ‘Mum, Dad, in short relative/best friend/whatever’ is a ‘thing’ and that’s where they get ‘it’ from.

The underlying theme of the book is pretty much ‘cultural legacy’. The things that individuals inherit because of their family, history, situation, circumstance, whatever factors you can be bothered to identify really.

And the impact they have on people, performance, and relationships is MASSIVE!

The book looks into athletes, intellects, education, lawyers, plane crashes(probably the most insightful chapter) and some other stuff. I won’t go on anymore about it, because you should read it. I read it in a few days. So the Uber keen reader will blast through it in a day or so I imagine.

So, there you have it.

Something someone supposedly said

“The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper and re-imagines the world.” - Malcolm Gladwell


Outliers - Chelsea Grin

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