• Chris Davy

S is for...Stardog Champion

Andrew Patrick Wood.

Born, January 8th 1966, Columbus, Mississippi

Died, March 19 1990, Seattle, Washington

Also known as

Landrew the Love Child

Man of Golden Words

Andy Wood

Andrew Wood is so important to me. Which is absolutely crazy when I try and process it. Because, the only thing Andrew Wood has ever really given me is his words and music. But if you know anything about Andrew Wood you will know that’s what he was all about; words and music. And if you know anything about words and music, you will know how important they can be to someone.

Aside from that, I don’t have a great deal more to say. Like so many of my idols he is another one who died too young and went by the way of a drug overdose.

As far as I’m concerned, Andrew Wood’s importance in the history of music is beyond measurable. I know this purely because the impact of what he created still echoes on today. You just may not realise it. But believe me it is there.

And at this point in time, a good percentage of you have literally no idea who he is.

Something someone supposedly said

“Words and music. My only tools. Communication. ” - Andrew Wood


Obviously anything Andrew Wood has been a part of.

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