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S is for... Stability

S is for... Stability

Have you seen The Walk? It's a film, and it's fucking incredible. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Philippe Petit. ANOTHER French person. Philippe's dream is to become a high-wire artist. So he does. Not only did he do that, he ends up doing some fucking crazy shit. Like, next level fucking insanely crazy mad fuck shit! I'm not going to tell you what it is incase you haven't watched the film, because the fact is films are better when someone doesn't spoil them for you. So just go and watch it quick before someone tells you all about it.

I studied film, so thankfully I get over people spoiling films pretty quickly. Probably because I can find other cool stuff to pick apart and enjoy when I'm watching a film. Plus, life's too short(or long) to get pissed at people about stuff like that. But let it be known, generally if you give way too many details about a film, you are a dick.

Anyway, stability. Petit embodies an amazing example of physical and mental stability used together. Whatever it is you are interested in or want to achieve, chances are you are going to need the same. If you want both you better respect both. If you want to respect both you better learn as much as you can about both. But don't get too wrapped up on can't learn and know everything. Not yet anyway. The point being, you can't spend all of your time learning about something. Unless that's what you want to do of course. But surely you want to try and put some of what you learn into practise?

At this stage in my life, mentally I feel pretty good. Physically I feel alright but I'd like to up it a little bit. Since I started playing basketball a bunch of years ago I've twisted my ankles a bunch of times. I've never really recovered properly. But I'm getting there.

Truth I believe is, it's hard to have physical stability if you don't have mental stability. So sort your head out first and the body will be much easier to deal with. Like I genuinely believe that. If you had to focus on one as a primary focus and one as a secondary it would go, 1. Mental, 2. Physical.

You can definitely influence how easy the body is to deal with though by what you put in it. I'll let you make your own mind up about what I'm talking about there.

So that's that. Get some stability. You are going to need it. But once you've got it, remember if you are going to want to take it up a notch then you'll need to learn how to do it without...stabilisers. It's just like riding a bike...

Who doesn't love a good quote?

"There is nothing so stable as change." - Bob Dylan

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