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S is for... St. George's Day

I’m English. I’m all about St. George’s Day. I have to be right?!

Do I know what St. George’s day is about? Well, er, it’s about a dude. Named George, and he became a Saint. I think he slayed a dragon. So probably saved the Queen or King or the whole of England or something from an attack.

Other than that, I’m hoping St. George was a really cool dude. Like someone who held doors open for people, helped old ladies across the street, put rubbish in the bin, bought his mates down the boozer a round of mead from time to time.

Cause if he didn’t, he sounds like he was probably a bit of a bellend and not someone worth celebrating.

Let me do a bit of reading and get back to you.

First thing I’ve seen after a little Google Search. From the Daily Express: Should St. George’s Day be a Bank Holiday?!

Er, yeah it bloody should. We’ll have some more of those thank you very much!

Interesting article there by Georgina Laud. Nice one Georgina. Normally, I wouldn’t be one to promote the newspapers because some journalists are morons and stir it up. (Well this article kind of does stir it up, I’ll explain how in a minute. It doesn’t do it intentionally though. It’s just how media and communication works. It’s going to happen. Most of the stirring here is done by me. But this article is not slagging off people that are alive, or dead for that matter.) So nice one! I do wonder if Georgina has done any stirring before though?! Hmmmm, maybe none. But she does work for a newspaper. It’s basically part of the job. Anyway, let’s focus on the positive, well done Georgina.

So, looks like the main deal about St. George was he refused to give up his Christian beliefs. Pow! Cue first controversial topic of the day! Pow!

Because he wouldn’t give up his beliefs he was sentenced to death.

*Yes, I’m basing all of this from Georgina’s article.*


I wish I had the time to find a more reliable source, about you know, something that might just be completely made up. So I’m going to have to go with Georgina on this one. That’s not a dig at Georgina by the way. It’s more of an imagine this. Because in terms of media and sharing stuff, THIS IS what just happened.


We’re sat having dinner out in a restaurant. It’s a nice meal, we’re enjoying the food. In walks Georgina with Christianity, to sit down and have a meal. But I don’t see them because I’ve got my back to them. You go,

“Don’t look now, but Georgina has just walked in with Christianity.”

*Without a second thought, I ignore whatever it was you just said about not looking because I know Christianity and turn round at warp speed to say hello.*


That is what communication and media does. It just churns our topics and opinions and views and perspectives, ALL DAY. EVERY DAY! And that’s why some people are so stressed out.

I’m not Christian. I’m Syncretist. Obviously, it begins with S. But I was Christened, and I am a Christopher. So for years I had a bit of a Messiah complex thinking “I am the one, I can save the world.” But you know, I went and played PlayStation instead. Specifically, I don't know how long I've been one for. I just know I've always been one. In real terms though, maybe only 2 or 3 years, when I discovered the word.

I’m a Syncretist because I just want everyone to get along. I respect everyone. Yeah, even the bellends. I’m not going to tell you what Syncretist means. Because I’m a nob. I anticipate you being intrigued enough to find out for yourself what it means.

But what I do know is that Christianity is considered an Abraham religion. Judaism and Islam are too. So in my head, I’m basically saying...yeah they are pretty much the same then just branded differently, right?

*Snowflake Alert*

Before you turn all snowflake on me, realise that I studied Film Studies and Media and Cultural Studies. That’s a pretty broad topic. But, it’s why I think about things in the way I do.

Obviously, I know they aren’t all the same. Come on man this is S is for Something!!! I might be silly, but I’m not entirely stupid. They aren’t specifically the same. Clearly, but they do share similarities. FACT!

And don’t think I was never a snowflake. Man, if you catch me in the wrong mood I’ll still probably go full snowflake on you. But as a general rule, over the years, I’ve learnt not to take things to heart so much.

Anyway, I think I’ve gotten to the point now where I can’t be bothered to write anymore. Because you know, I need to eat and if I don’t eat I’ll eventually die.

Fun challenge though. Seeing as St. George is a Christian. How many of the 10 Commandments can you name?

Trace just tested me. I got 5. I’ll take it.

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

“Advance our standards, set upon our foes; our ancient word of courage, fair St. George, inspire us with the spleen of fiery dragons.” - William Shakespeare, Richard III

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