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S is for... Spreadsheets

S is for... Spreadsheets

Not going to lie. Yesterday, I surpassed myself and made an absolutely boss spreadsheet. Probably the best one I’ve ever made in terms of it’s function.

Fully immersed in the nerd.

Could do with a bit of tweaking to improve it but, for me and my team hopefully it will make our day to day lives a lot easier.

It basically tracks all the documents that come into our team. We manually input that. But then it pulls that information and puts it into another table that can tell us how many specific documents came in on a specific day. Then you can track the whole year and read any patterns and trends that occur. Might sound easier to some of you out there. But to some of you it’s sounds like a right mission, and to others - well they probably gave up at the sight of the word spreadsheet, pricks. Don’t worry they won’t find out I called them that. Unless you grass me up and the come back, in which case....they’re double pricks ;)

Spreadsheets are ace man. So much of what we do in the world today uses technology and software. It can make things more efficient and quicker. It can help make really complex tasks really simple.

But if you don’t know what you are doing or how to do it, spreadsheets can be a right pain in the ass.

How did I make the one I did today? Well mainly persistence. I’m a Christopher after all. So I’m blessed with two great traits. One, a messiah complex, because I have Christ in my name - nightmare. Two, Christopher Colombus was a great explorer - so if he can find stuff, so can I.

But the other part of the reality was, I searched YouTube and the Internet to find as much guidance and information as I could. Punched into google the words that best described what I was looking for, refined and adjusted that and eventually I had enough knowledge and information to get the job done. Pow!

You know that stress and anxiety that you either feel everyday or from time to time? Well that’s put there mainly by other people. You can control it by equipping yourself with tools to help you deal with it. But mainly, mainly it’s because people need to slow the fuck down and chill the fuck out. They expect everything to be done yesterday. Those people are dicks. They can do one. We are a team, so act like a team player.

All I know is, if you stay committed to the cause you can achieve it and contribute to great things. I know if you do that, all that stress and anxiety disappears.

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

“If I had a spreadsheet on my computer, it looked like I was busy.” - Nate Silver

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