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S is for... Spell it Out

Today I’m going to try and write this post as I go along - commentate, if you will - spell it out. Initially I thought it would probably be quite a long one. Because I’ve got a busy day. Fun packed though! But if I’m only going to write it as I go, then unless I’m constantly writing I won’t actually immerse myself in what I’m doing. That sounds shit to me. It’s my day and my life so I want it to be fun. So at the end of it, you’ll get what you’re given.

If you want to do something, you can’t spend all your time planning. Because all you’ll be doing is planning, not doing. Unless what you want to be doing is spend all your time planning. In which case the plan is to keep doing what you are doing.

That’s sounds like some series Dr. Seuss, philosophy. But whoever says it, it’s true. For the record, I said it.

The point is, I’m on the train as I write this on my way to London to watch a NBA game at the 02. New York Knicks v Washington Wizards. I planned it ages ago. A friend of mine from Uni got the tickets. They sold out really quickly so we ended up paying a lot more than we wanted because we are sitting in a box. BUT we don’t care because we want to watch the game. I’m also going with my one brother and my Dad. I love basketball, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been before to the 02 to watch basketball. And if I’m totally honest, the Americans host a sporting event way better than we do in the UK.

Oh but it’s all Americanised. Listen mate, shut the fuck up, stop being jealous. It makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s why you don’t like it. But in terms of an event and a spectacle, American Sporting events absolutely fucking dick on most things we host in the UK. The 2012 Olympics, that was special. But the average events that we have in the UK we don’t really make much of a spectacle of. That’s because we’re British, uptight and ultimately a bit shy. Some take the piss, but can’t do the thing we are taking the piss out of ourselves. We don’t do expression very well.

But the planning and the doing of getting those tickets for today was a bit of a pain in the arse. But we managed it. First world problems I know, but seriously, when you look at it, it’s a bit shit. I’ll get to the game later. They’ll be loads out touts. But are they struggling to get ‘regular’ jobs or just money grabbing bastards?

Either way, the whole ticketing thing is a massive pain in the arse for most of us. A lot still needs to be done to make it better.

Anyway, I had to get my ticket from one of those machines at the station. It was prepaid. That service is pretty good. Haven’t used it for ages, because train tickets cost way too much fucking money. But I did the old keep an eye out thing. My ticket way about £20. Most I saw the same journey for was like £100.

My train got cancelled, because someone got hit on the tracks near by. That’s sad, something that didn’t need to happen. Hopefully everyone involved ends up alright.

Eventually got on the train. Had a spinny conversation with one of the ticket guys about which direction I was going. He literally said and pointed, this way or that way. My geography is alright mate, but I’m going to struggle with that. I think a lot of people are. Anyway, sorted that out. Then I got settled. Got my phone charger plugged in and started to write this.

Now I’ve been chilling for a while. Had someone nearly sit at my table, they said in typical British fashion ‘Sorry, mate.’ And then sat opposite. Other than that, I switched sits beforehand. The train was going backwards, which I didn’t mind. I can face anyway on a train, and I think given the choice I like to look backwards because the scenery doesn’t move around as much. Truth is it depends on the day o think. But the real reason I moved was because the sun was in my eyes. Not having that.

Now I don’t want to write anymore so going to chill for a bit. I’ve got some chewing gum in and need to find somewhere to get rid of it. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Haven’t got rid of the gym yet. I chilled for about 3 minutes. Then had a thought.

I think some of the reason, I know some of the reason people are uneasy is because we can’t fucking mind read.

The other thing about this day and age is, yeah we are constantly using phones and tablets and things. But no one really knows what each other is doing. The uncertainty makes some people uneasy. What I mean is, the people next to me on his train have seen me on my phone for ages. I don’t know them, but do they think I’m being anti-social? I don’t really care, I know I’m being both social and anti-social. I’m just being.

But before phones and stuff, people would visibly write in front of each other, or read a book or a paper. Now, no one really knows what each other is up to.

But I think it’s a good thing. Because I think it means that everyday conversation comes from more of a conscious place rather than an instinctive organic place. Trouble is................

Most people don’t do, they just plan. And the organic way we are all connected doesn’t get practised so people feel uncomfortable when they talk to each other. That’s why people use social media, because it’s more passive. But that’s also why people lose their shit because they are very well practised at controlling their emotions and their bodies.

Right, time to chill again. 11:38.

11:39. Found some paper to rip up and get rid of my gum. Boom!

11:55. Just spoke to my brother a bit. It can be awkward speaking in public. Especially when you know people are obviously fucking listening. And it’s not like some of them mean to be, it’s just circumstances.

Glossophobia - The fear of public speaking. I put that there because I know as soon as I can label something I usually have a better time dealing with it. But I like my labelling to be efficient, quick and simple. I don’t want to have to elaborate too much and waste time. Trouble is most people would never know what that word means so you’ll end up wasting time explaining it. But it’s a cool one, one for the pub quiz!

The thing I notice most about speaking in public is the energy of where I am change. And that can be hard to deal with sometimes. Because it makes the situation become very apparent.

13:02 At reading. Been for a piss. Bought a small coffee. Think it was £2.30. A kit kat £1.09. Now sat in the other train to go to Twickenham.

But fuck me, this is another reason I live in Devon. You know somethings up when the price of a kit kat, a ducking kit kat starts with a £ sign! What the actual fuck?! And people will say it’s reflective of areas and jobs in throes areas, and salaried jobs in those areas. But its fucking not is it. That’s just some shit you’ve heard, that sort of makes sense and kind of fits. It’s a really wank estimate of salaries and the cost of living. The point is mate, the price of a fucking kit kat should start with a £ sign! If you don’t want kids to eat shit with sugar in, well teach them and coach them through why the alternative is better. Don’t give me that bollocks either about making luxury items more expensive. Because, I’m not buying it. Because it’s too fucking expensive isn’t it!

And, you should know when I’m writing this is that I write with the poise and grace of an Olympic diver, or Buddhist monk. The little voice in my head is going fucking nuts. But physically I actually feel totally fine. But I know to read it, I imagine it looks like I’m ripping this fucking train to shreds. Nope. Just sat here, chilling with my latte. Oh no, here it comes again.

Listen, I know I’m going to get other things wrong - but it isn’t pronounced laaaahhh

Alright, calm down Chris.

You can shut up, at least I’m trying.

It’s fucking la-te. It’s Italian. It’s their fucking word. We use it yeah, but it’s fucking Italian. It’s latte, it literally fucking means milk in Italian. Which is why it’s a milky coffee.

Yeah, it bothers me.

There’s no R in it. It’s not laaah-taaay





This is the problem with being British. Too much cultural diversity. Wish everyone would just fuck off. I can’t wait until we are all robots and just speak in a series of zeroes and ones.

Just realised I’ve been hooked on this fucking latte shit for like nearly 15 minutes now. Just going to accept it pisses me off. It’s 13:26, it’s supposed to be a fun day. Bollocks to you and the way you say latte.

14:05 Stopped at Feltham. There’s a level crossing there. So I’m having a look around. That is an important thing I’ve always tried to do. ‘Take it all in’. Just have a look around. Mr. Henniker at Exeter Road Primary School taught me that to some degree. He was good at art, I loved doing art as a kid. We all once went out for a art class and we were encouraged to draw chimney pots. I guess it was his way of teaching us to explore and be aware, look around because you never know what you are missing. Plus he said there are loads of different types of chimney pot. Which there are, but something that is slowly dying out because of the way he heat our homes. Interesting though. Anyways whilst we were at the crossing I spotted this little guy on a balcony! 😂

Friday 10:32. Pah! Live life.

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

“If they think I’m better at commentating than I was as a player, then I must be pretty darn good at commentating.” - John McEnroe

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