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S is for... Space

Kapow! I’m back!

Ironically, that last post was about staying power. It would appear that I’m lacking in that; given there has been quite a lot of space between this post and that last one. But clearly I do have it, because...

I’m back. (To let you know, I can really shake 'em down.)

So, maybe I’m not lacking in it?

Maybe I’ve just been utilising it in other ways? Cue, Twilight Zone music.

That is something that 'Pops', my Dad, I might refer to him like that from now on (Because it sounds cool, and that's what he gets called by my brother and my nephew), that's something he would do a fair bit when I was a kid; sing the Twilight Zone music when we reached a point in a conversation that was exploring the realms of possibility. But then, I imagine all people who used to watch the Twilight Zone do that from time to time. Why do they do it? Because it’s fun, or is it?

Cue Twilight Zone music again.

Anyway, as I‘m writing Trace has a sneaky little peak over my shoulder.

"Where have you been?(In relation to the start of the blog post)"

"I've been busy mate."

"Cause you’re a cunt?"

*I shake my head*

Trace, "True story bro."

*Trace cackles like a crazy deranged bitch*

*Trace reflects on cackling, and cackles like a crazy deranged bitch, again*

There’s more to this, but it took me long enough to summarise that. This isn’t what I have to live with. But I do love it. It’s fucking mental.

Anyway, space. Yeah, I’ve been busy. Life is busy. I like to be in a certain type of state when I write, I guess. You know, one where I’m not tired as fuck. It’s been a busy few weeks, and that’s one reason why I haven’t written anything. Can’t recall exactly what’s been going on. But I know I’ve been tired. I did go to the orthodontist about my teeth. Which turned out to be a lesson in, basically going to have to deal with it. Nothing majorly wrong with my teeth, nothing majorly right about them either though really. I had braces as a kid, but they didn't settle great. My own fault as much as nature taking it's course. But after exploring the options, seems that I'm probably best of just living with them as they are.

Anyway, I just got sidetracked wondering about why we have orthodontists and dentists. The 'o', 'e' thing. What the fuck is that about? Answer, go find out for yourself.

But we need space, man. And we need spaceman. Space is good, spaceman is good. Listen, do me a favour, firstly skip the grammar lesson - I know I wrote spaceman and not spacemen, and secondly skip the gender bullshit again today. Man is short for human. Remember that, it’s really fucking important you do. Think I’m a wrong? ‘Google it’.

*SPACE reserved for you to google 'Man definition'.

Now shut the fuck up, and chill out man.

Will that little exercise hold true in a few years time after the PC brigade have got a hold of it? Probably not. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Space comes in a bunch of different forms. Physical, mental etc. Shit if you want to I guess you can say you can relate it to anything.

Over the years I needed my space a lot. I still do now. But now I’m an adult I kind of have to just get on with things more. I’m in your space, your in my space. I do my best to get along with people. Don’t fuck with my space, I won’t fuck with yours; unless you or I think it’s justifiable. In which case, GAME ON!

I remember thinking about 'space' like actual outer space as a kid. And truth be told, it made me feel really fucking nauseous. Because, it's fucking massive. And I don't know what's there. I think it's a fairly human reaction, or should I said man reaction. It can be very overwhelming thinking about space. It can be overwhelming thinking about thinking. That's why a lot of the time I like to spend my time doing. I'll think as I go.

I guess, ultimately what's important is to just go. Yeah, space, it's there. There's a lot going on. But fuck it. I can only control so much of it. Going to crack on and do some other stuff now because, well, I don't have a rocket to try and fly around space, plus to get anywhere in space is going to take me fucking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. There's loads of cool shit I can do on planet earth, I'll stick to trying to do that instead.

So, in between this paragraph and the last I did that radical thing called thinking.

Here's where I got to.

You can feel space. A few sceptics out there have gone, bull shit Chris, no you can't.

A few believers out there have gone, yeah Chris, well fucking duh.

Some believers out there have even gone, well fucking duh, closed the blog and got on with their lives. They've not even acknowledged who I am, and have just dismissed me as a cunt. Good job I've got a good coach to help me cope with being called a cunt. OH YEAH, it's my fucking girlfriend!

But on the serious, the best way for me to explore this (feeling space thing) on a personal level is my step-dad is a kinesiologist. I basically think of him as a fucking wizard or someone that does voodoo. Because, it's kind of an alternative medicine. But then, all medicine is alternative right? As in, it's a fucking choice. Basically, not everyone believes in it. I believe in it, but to be honest, I'm a believer. I'll believe anything. Doesn't mean I have to act upon it in a particular way. Just means I can let it occupy my head. As far as I'm concerned pigs can fly.

Take a pig, blast it into space. That pig is flying in fucking space. Boom!

Back to the voodoo. I don't know enough about kinesiology. I don't need to. I've had sessions with him. I think it's helped our relationship. Probably because we've been able to communicate in ways that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to through speaking.

What's this got to do with space? Well, kinesiology to me sparks up thoughts of feeling. Now, this is where for some people it will get a little bit deep. I'm not talking feelings - like happy and sad and that sort of thing. I'm talking feeling, as in sensations. Like, physical pain. Like banging your toe. Or like getting a massage. But, I'm talking about it in terms of not actual being in contact with anyone else. Just being self-aware, and feeling your surroundings.

Emotions and sensations are linked. But somewhere in there is a subtle difference between them all.

Anyway, the concept of kinesiology made me very self-aware. No one really had to do anything other than introduce the concept/practise to me. I'll explore it myself in my own time and make sense of it however I will. Difference between me and most of you is, you possibly didnt't even kinesiology was a thing, let along have lived with a kinesiologist for a substantial portion of your life. Truth is,

But what I do know IS, you can feel space. You can feel energy. You can feel comfortable or uncomfortable. Like, when you are around someone who is in a particular sort of head space... you can feel it. Which is why if you are ever around me, or spend a bunch of time around me, you will probably feel pretty cool. Because that's what I intend to feel. I do that because I want to. I do that because I believe if I feel cool, then you will feel cool.

Like, have you ever turned around to see someone looking right at you? They could be a fair distance away. But you turned and could feel someone watching you.

*Cue Twilight Zone music...

Who doesn't love a good quote?

"When we're in that kind of childish space, we're more genuine and feel more comfortable with our friends." - Evan Spiegel

Songs to listen to now:

Spaceman - Babylon Zoo

D'yer wanna be a spaceman - Oasis

Female of the species - Space

E.T. - Katy Perry featuring Kanye West

Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra

Spaceman - The Killers

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