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S is for... Soulmate

Not one for being able to predict the future, although I often like to try. I think today is gonna be a good day. It is after all TRACEY HARDY's BIRTHDAY!!! Trace is my lady, my girl, my woman, my mate, my friend, and dare I say it... my soul mate. Cue crying from Trace as she reads that last bit, maybe. Happy Birthday, I LOVE YOU!x

We've been together, something like 10 years. Now, all of those of you who are like, "Why doesn't he know the day?", "She can't be that important to you if you don't know how exactly long you've been together.", "Surely you know how long it is Chris?", and my own personal favourite - which I am saying to myself, "You've had 10 years to figure it out you twat! Well, at least you think it's 10 years." Truth is, and this is how my head works - I'm probably more of a forward thinker. It is nice to look back, but it's nicer to look forward. I'll cover why I think I'm wired like that in later posts. But it's true. I care how long we've been together, but I CARE MORE about staying together and making it work. That means I've got to be on my toes, I've got to be active, I've got to engage amd I've got to try. Otherwise, I'm just a daydreamer, going nowhere fast OR worse, being left behind. Yeah, look back to learn from mistakes, and enjoy moments past. But definitely look forward to create new good moments. That's how you make things sustainable.

As for soul mates - and do I believe in them? Well, I just typed the words, so it must be a thing that I could believe in. Those that know me, know I'm also a pedant. But again, it's just how I'm wired. I guess, what I do think is important is to say that I don't think soul mates have to be sexual partners. They can just be friends. You can have more than one. can do whatever you want.

Did I know that we would be together this long? Was it love at first sight? What's the secret?

1. No - I'm not a mind reader.

2. I'm SOFT and truth be told, I could probably fall in love with anyone. That's another strand of my head I'll delve into on another day. Because I think love is always present.

3. Be honest - no matter what.

All I know is, I can say I am truly happy. I have a great family. I have a great house. I have a great job - one of many great jobs I've had - and I've had a few. I have a great team mate in Trace, and we are lucky enough to have our own little team mate, Marley.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACE! Again, I love you! Let's go get some breakfast!x

Who doesn't love a good quote?

“I want a soul mate who can sit me down, shut me up, tell me ten things I don’t already know, and make me laugh. I don’t care what you look like, just turn me on. And if you can do that, I will follow you on bloody stumps through the snow. I will nibble your mukluks with my own teeth. I will do your windows. I will care about your feelings. Just have something in there.” – Henry Rollins

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Teardrop - Massive Attack

40oz. to Freedom - Sublime

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This is for Lovers - Wolfman ft. Pete Doherty

Now That We Found Love - Heavy D & The Boyz ft. Aaron Hall

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