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S is for... Son

I’m sat in Cafe Nero in Exeter. I’ve then spent nearly the next 60 seconds trying to find out how they actually spell cafe. Like with the acute on top of one of the letters, obviously it’s the e because that’s where you pronounce the word a little bit differently.

So I’ve had a look around trying to find a logo of the cafe. The only ones I can see are on their branded travel coffee cups on a shelf. But they are too far away for me to see clearly. I’m not getting up. So I search google.

It’s actually spelt Caffè Nero, which actually means Black Coffee in...Italian. No, clearly I didn’t know that. I mean I was looking for café wasn't I? But that’s French.

Cue dumb as shit moment.

Just picked up my latte. I’m drinking out of a branded coffee cup. Sometimes the answer you are looking for is genuinely right under your nose.

*face palm*

I didn’t actually face palm by the way. I try to stay more in control of my actions than that. I just carried on thinking, writing, and drinking my coffee. Which, whilst I’m not usually a massive critic of food and drink and it’s quality, I’m just grateful for it; this tastes not so great. But I won’t complain...not because I’m British...or’s because I really couldn’t give a shit. I’m just hoping it doesn't kill me, that’s something I would complain about. But if it does kill me and I was dead then...meh...what you gonna do?! It’s a coffee, man. It’s drinkable. It's just not to my taste. Game on.

Like, it would have to taste like actual shit for me to complain about it. I haven’t ever tasted shit, but I was dared £5 yesterday by a friend, whilst I was at their house to eat some of my son’s whilst I was changing his nappy; my son's nappy, not my friends. Those that know me, know I was tempted. A fiver, that’s good. Eating a little bit of shit for a fiver, that seems minor. Easy five pounds.

I didn’t eat it. I decided though that I could probably eat a piece the size of a little finger nail for a fiver. Which I reckon, having just calculated it is about 2 to 3 table spoons to make a weeks wage before tax. I’ve got little fingers *wink*. But for a days work, eating a couple of spoonfuls of shit seems doable. I mean, at some point in time, work has probably felt like that for most of us anyway. The hourly wage on that would be insane. For the record, I love what I do for work. I support the education and employment of orhers. That is very rewarding.

So yeah, where was I? Son...the reason I’ve started writing this post is because I’ve just dropped him off at his first day of nursery. Which feels cool. He seemed happy. I’ve got the day off so I can do the dressed rehearsal, before next week comes when I have to do it and then go to work afterwards.

If I can, that’s the sort of thing I like to do, to take my time, to get my head around shit. Like, the prospect of eating shit for a fiver and then coming to a rational decision not to actually eat shit.

Most of you were probably looking forward to reading a lovely heart warming, heart melting blog entry about how excited I am that my boy is going to nursery. Instead, you’ve ended up reading an entry about me maybe eating his shit for a fiver. You’re welcome.

But it is an exciting day for me, for him and his mum. He is a legend. Like a lot of kids. He makes us so happy and I love spending time with him. I can’t wait to see what he wants to become.

The thing that I do find really weird though is that my life seems to be replicating Marley and Me in a strange kind of way at the moment. I have a character in my live that I love dearly called Marley, and I write about my life and random stuff. But it’s fun, and I enjoy it. I’ll obviously just write my own script and version.

Well done Marley T! Mega proud of you!x

Now I’m going to go home and watch Marley and Me, probably have a cry, and post this entry.

Two photos. It looks like a lot can change in a few seconds.

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

“I’m Ric Flair! The stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ and dealin’ son of a gun!” - Ric Flair

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