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S is for...Soliloquy

The act of speaking ones thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play.

That’s what the definition on Google is of soliloquy; which is probably the most important place for me to start. Definition. I’m not arsed about it being the definition on Google, it will pretty much be the same anywhere. I just need an S is for...Starting point.

But definition is the most important place to start. I say that because I feel that’s what a smart person would do. To make things better, to make things ’right’. To make peace. For anyone to make peace with themselves or those around them. By taking things S is for...Seriously. By S is for...Structuring a standard and S is for...Setting a target.

To be fair, the same goes for if you want to fuck shit up. But then again you know, that’s why it’s important to start with definition; to establish what either of those things would be.



Which I know a lot of people prefer me doing because it suits them more or has them believe that I’m happier being that way is...dick about and just say something like,

”A soliloquy, that’s just some gay shit that Shakespeare used to bang on about all the time isn’t it?”

Well yeah, if you want to put it that way it kind of is that. Not a particularly nice way of putting it. But a reasonably accurate way of putting it nonetheless.


Definition is important. Because without definition you can’t begin to grasp and understand the concept of something. Anything really. I could bang on about how this works FOR HOURS. But I won‘t because we are talking about soliloquies. But I will touch on that another day, because it’s incredible.

So, the definition we are working with is ‘speaking ones thoughts aloud by oneself or regardless of any hearers.‘ And I’m going to do what I usually do and tell it as I see it. Google, that definition is pretty shit. Because it simply doesn’t capture what a soliloquy is very well.

When you talk...whenever you are speaking your thoughts aloud. That’s where

you got what to say from...your thoughts. But we also know that’s bollocks too, because at some point you’ll be saying something and something else will spring to mind AS YOU ARE TALKING! So, what the fuck is going on there then? You are talking, but as you are talking - saying your thoughts - OTHER thoughts pop into your mind. So how can you be saying your thoughts if other thoughts come to mind whilst you are speaking? It’s like thoughts on top of thoughts!!! Now, for all the nerds out there. No, I don’t know what the ‘scholarly’ term is to explain what that is but, it is definitely a thing, because I’ve experienced it. It is a something. I am though going to park it within the topic of S is for...Sahasrara. Look it up. Truth is we can park it in S is for...Several places. Because it really depends on the S is for...School of thought that we are using that determines what we should or would label something. Sahasrara. Stress. Stage fright. Seeing the bigger picture. Surpassing yourself. Savouring the moment. You could call it any of these things too.

Anyways, also, sometimes you don’t say what is on your mind. Because you can do what you want. Because you don’t want to. Because it’s actually better for everyone if you just shut the fuck up for a bit. But that doesn’t mean you are going to stop having thoughts. It just means that you are giving someone else a chance to share theirs. Unless you don’t give a shit about anyone else, in which case, just keep talking over the top of people mate.That’ll do it.

But I’m telling you now, if you never S is for...Shut the fuck up. You will never develop good chemistry - remember, amongst other things I’m a sports coach. That’s what this blog is founded on. That’s what I’m about. Teamwork.

The other thing is, when a character does a soliloquy in a play, this is the bit I want to clear up, because it’s really fucking important and really cool. When that happens in a play is time appears to stop. If you have ever been to the theatre darling then you will know that when a soliloquy occurs, occasionally the characters will freeze, then the character whose thoughts we are going to explore probably gets the spotlight put on them, then they chat some shit about what is going through their mind at that moment in time.

“Oh my gosh, I love her so, but I’ve been farting on her teddy bear for months on end because the crazy bitch never puts her cutlery straight when she’s finished her dinner.

And now she’s bought me this wonderful gift as a kind gesture to thank me for the love and support I gave her at the passing of her father after he got run over by a stray combine harvester on the high street.

Whatever am I going to do?!”

Then everyone starts moving and acting again, and we as the audience get the chance to decide whether or not we think that character is a bastard or not. Yay! What larks!

But it’s important that time appears to freeze. And that the character gets the spotlight. Because...IT CREATES EMPHASIS. It makes the moment more powerful. I mean, they are getting the spotlight, of course it creates emphasis. But the experience and the intensity of it goes from like...oh FUCK! But...these people are actors...they have other thoughts...I know that’s hard to believe for some people. But the genuinely do. Depending one where their head is at, their thoughts might be...

”Don’t fuck up this line.”

And finally, this is the next important part about the soliloquy. Perhaps the most important part. In ‘the play of life’. On ‘the stage of life’. What have you been saying? What thoughts have sprung to your mind? What have you kept to yourself and what have you shared with others?

Oh yeah, and just so we don’t forget it. Expression is a product of thought. And you can express yourself in so many ways. Speaking, gesturing, dancing, singing, painting, sculpting, the list goes on.

S is for...Since the day you were born, you’ve been expressing yourself and sharing what is on your mind.

We can all get a pretty good rough idea of what each other is thinking if we look hard enough. Thoughts steer actions. So what you are thinking, or have thought previously pretty much S is for...Speaks for itself. You don’t always have to ‘say‘ something for someone to know what you are thinking, at least roughl. But you do have to be around a good reader or a good listener. Someone who S is for...Speaks that language. So they can then read it.

Because, how is anyone going to ever understand you if they don’t understand where you are coming from?

If you didn’t think it before, I’ll confirm it for you now. Sharing, not all sharing, but a lot of things that can be shared, is caring.

Why the fuck do you think that fucking button is on pretty much every social media website?! Come on man!


Something someone supposedly said

”Horrible things happen all our lives; we all experience loss and death and trauma. Usually, most people, I think, just get on with it. We don’t have a whole soliloquy in the middle of something.” - Nikolaj Cosfer-Waldau


Express Yourself - N.W.A.

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Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Soliloquy - Gordon McCrae

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