• Chris Davy

S is for... Sofía

Very special post today. I'm not going to explain myself. Those who need to know, know.

Let's do it!

So, the song Hey Jude was originally called Hey Jules. Because Paul McCartney had written it to comfort Julian Lennon after his parents, John and Cynthia, had divorced. What a nice thing to do. Let's have a listen to THIS banging version of it!

Moving on...

Tacos are great! Love em!

Here's one thing I remember from school. I'm in food tech. I THINK we are allowed to make food from any part of the world. So I chose Italy, because I love Italian food. I tried to make a pizza, from scratch I might add. It's ok, but you know not great. I accept that. Think I got a C.

My friend Rob, from what I remember ROB chooses Mexico and Rob makes...

...fucking Guacamole! Guacamole and gets a fucking A! Suck my dick Rob! Suck my fucking dick! An A for making Guacamole. You and this fucking teacher can go and fuck themselves! I'm 33 people. I'm 33 and I'm not bitter. Just pointing out that they are fucking pricks! P-ricks! Pppuuuuurrrrrrr-ricks! Put some stress on the i. PpppppuuuuurrrrIcks! Big 'i'.

Aye caramba!

Now, one thing to keep in mind. Whilst we are on the topic of Mexico, is that I can tell you, rest assured, that one of the most dangerous types of people you can meet is a tiny little Mexican person. I'm not even joking. And I know we live in the UK but if Trump wants to build his wall - need needs to seriously think about what he's doing. Because tiny little Mexican's are not to be fucked with. I mean it, like I genuinely mean it. Because shit...remember this guy!?


Especially don't fuck with singing Mexican's. Especially when they sing about shit like this. Love this track by the way. From one of my favourite albums of all time.

And finally, for the English speakers amongst us, in an attempt to be closer with our Mexican brothers and sisters I've roped in Salma Hayek to teach us some important lingo!

Feliz cumpleaños Jules! x x x

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