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Yawn! Boring!

Like, oh man, this is sooooooooo boring. Because, I’m going to write about society, specifically on the topic of politics. Because the European Elections have just taken place. Because the United Kingdom and America are just utter pants when it comes to politics. Grossly poor, so poor it almost makes me want to wretch. I’ll focus on the UK because, as much as I dig America, I’m British. You should get your own house in order before pointing the finger at others.

Trouble is, a lot of the time the UK is pointing the finger, at America, but it’s going,

“Oh look, look at what those guys are doing. We better do some of that. It looks fun. Guuuurrrggghh.”

And the UK just needs to accept that our house isn’t in a great order. It never really has been. And with our current political system I believe it never truly will be. I mean, if you want to talk houses, just look at how they act in the House of Commons. If you are reading this thinking our politics is in good shape, then looks like we’ll have to agree to disagree. Where have you been since the 23rd June 2016?

Don’t get me wrong. A lot of things have improved...when you compare them to like 200 years ago. But let’s cut the bullshit now. UK politics has been pretty dire for a good while now.

Let’s give this article some context. It’s Bank Holiday Monday. What better way for me to spend it?! Yeeeeaaaahhh, writing a quick bit of guff about politics! Oooooooo that’ll be good. (I started this this morning. Such a fool. It's literally taken me all day. Don't worry I'm not that sad. I have actually done stuff today.)

So...I’m 33. Born 14th September 1985. Clearly getting old, because I actually wrote 34, then realised I was a fucking idiot and couldn’t count. Then I changed it to 33. That’s the impact of stress, that is. The stress of choosing to write something on this absolute pile of horseshit of a subject.

So, I could vote when I turned 18 in....2003.

Which means I have lived through the leadership times of

Margaret Thatcher (1985-1990) Before you correct me. This is about what I have lived through, mate. Not their term in office. It’s about me, me, me, me, me. That’s why it says 1985 you tit!

John Major (1990-1997)

Tony Blair (1997-2007)

Gordon Brown (2007-2010)

David Cameron (2010-2016)

Theresa May (2016-2019)

Let’s be honest, looking back, it just looks fucking horrendous, doesn’t it? It’s a wonder I’ve turned out as well as I have, really!

It also means, I actually got a say in the elections of...

2005 - TB part 3.

2007 - Gordon Brown - Oh no wait, I didn’t get a say in that because our political system is bollocks.

2010 - David Cameron

2015 - David Cameron

2016 - Theresa May, oh yeah...I didn't get to vote for her either. Bollocks political system.

2017 - Theresa May

I can’t remember exactly who I voted for.

I think it would have gone like this...

2005 - Charles Kennedy (Not certain, it’s aaaaaages ago - but I do remember spending a morning in my bed one day having a ramble to myself practising a Scottish accent for a laugh, partly inspired by the one Charles Kennedy. So I’m going to say I voted for him.) I always liked the idea of Liberal Democrats. Being someone who is into words, linguistics and psychology, ‘Liberal’ ‘Democrats’ just makes sense, right? It does to me anyway.

2010 - Nick Clegg

2015 - Dunno mate, after Cleggy and the Lib Dems bottled it. Which I can kind of get, but ultimately that is what happened. I don't know who I voted for, probably was Lib Dems again. Considered Green Party. Literally, have no idea. At this point, I don't really care, it was ages ago. I'm not that sentimental over it. Funnily enough.

2017 - Jeremy Corbyn

So there you have it. An insight into some of my political voting. How very exciting for you. You must be thrilled.

Why do I vote? I vote because I care, because I want to have my say. Because I believe if I don’t vote, and then I end up having a bitch and moan about something, then I’m just being a twat.

I hate our political First Past the Post system. It’s fucking wank. That’s not because ‘my party’ never gets elected. Lib Dem’s were in a coalition, mate. Plus, I have definitely voted Conservative on some level at some point. Because none of it makes any fucking sense. You do what you think is right at the time, knowing full well that it’s not worth the effort. Because the system is shagged.

You think I’m moaning a lot right and not providing a solution. Well, you’re wrong. I’ve been well aware of a what I consider to be a decent solution for ages and I’ve shared it with others for quite some time. It’s called Proportional Representation. Loads of other counties do it. It’s a much fairer and more collaborative political system.

People working together? To achieve a common goal? Chris that is filth! Don't ever, EVER bring ideas of this nature up again!

In a nutshell, here’s what I care about on the political landscape, in no particular order.


Education system.


Do you even need to care about more than that? That genuinely seems like it covers everything. Like, everything falls into those categories somehow.

Oh yeah...just for the’s some of the places I’ve worked in my time.

LED Leisure

University of Exeter

Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

Education and Training Skills

Exeter College

Fair to say, I genuinely care about those things listed above. Because I’ve proved it and got stuck in. Suck it! You're questioning the environment thing right? Listen mate, I recycle as best I can. I live in Devon. It's green as fuck! And we have beaches. I care about the environment. AND, I once won a competition in geography class at secondary school which allowed me to plant a tree on the school grounds. Sick. The, some inconsiderate fuck destroyed it. What a cunt!

Ultimately the way I see it. First past the post is a tug-o-war style political system. Proportional Representation is a collaborative political system.

Don’t get me wrong. I love sport. I love individual sport. I love team sport too. If you want to get into a political tug-o-war with me, I really wouldn’t. Because I’ve mentally beaten myself to a pulp at times and I’m still here. Basically I’d really much rather prefer it if we all worked together. Not ‘tried’ to work together, like actually worked together.

Put it this way, unless we are competing against each other in a sporting arena; if I think you are a cock, and you get into a tug-o-war with me, if I can afford to let you win, then I’ll let you win. Because ultimately I’ve got better shit to do with my time. You can have a really hollow 'victory' outside of the sporting arena. But if that tug-o-war is based on something that I believe I have to stand up for and defend, then it’s going be boring for both of us. Because even if lose I’ll keep coming back. I have ridiculous staying power. Genuinely. It's that good, I annoy myself. So it's probably for the best if we just avoid each other.

"If it's a victory outside of a sporting arena, is it even a victory, or is it just someone being a bellend?" - Chris Davy (I'm quite proud of this one.)

That’s about it man. I could ramble on for ages. The system is broken. I believe the higher powers know it’s broken. They want to keep it broken to keep themselves sitting pretty.

Some political parties do want Proportional Representation. It is part of their manifestos. But I believe the major players don’t want it. If they did, we'd have it in place, right? They thing to remember though is that parties are made up of individuals. So unless there is unity at the core of a party, there won’t be unity outside of the party. Only the perception of unity.

Other European countries use Proportional Representation. Now I know a bunch of you don’t want to be part of the European Union. Yeah great, that’s not top of my list of things I give a fuck about. I’m not even talking about being part of the EU, stay focused. I’m talking about our political voting system, within the UK.

I’ve said it before, life is about survival. We have to survive whether or not we are in or out of the EU. Whether we come out of the EU or remain in the EU we still have the same fundamental issue of survival to deal with.

It all really depends on the way you have become accustomed to surviving. Why do you think we have snobs? Trolls? Haters? Because they can’t bear the thought of surviving without a particular lifestyle.

Whether we are in or out of the EU we will still have the same shitty non-collaborative political voting system at the heart of our country. Not only that FPTP just ignores the facts and figures about who voted. Don't believe me, go and read some of the stats on previous elections. Those elected aren't a true reflection of how people actually voted. Which, aside from being fucking stupid, is just fucking rude. And certainly not the UK that brought me up. At least I didn’t think it was, but clearly it is. Because i grew up here, and tha's the way it is now, and how it was whilst I was growing up.

Proportional Representation doesn’t disregard people’s views and opinions. Even if they are ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘elitist’ etc. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s your opinion. If you don't allow people to have an opinion, that's not a democracy mate. That's a dictatorship.

If we are talking language everybody’s views and opinions are always going to be some kind of ‘-ist’. Trouble is a lot these ‘-ists’ already have an established meaning with a stigma attached to them. So if you want to use them how language would logically intend for you to use them, you end up associating yourself with some bullshit that someone gets offended by.

Collaborationist would make sense. But if you do some reading on the topic you possibly wouldn’t want to use that term. So fuck that, we'll just have to redefine it, or come up with a new term.

I can’t really be bothered to write much more on this. Basically, the system that is used will only allow for certain things to be able to be achieved. That is true for any environment, not just politics. The results you can get are limited to the system you use. A lot of people in the UK are not satisfied with what we get from politics because our political system doesn’t allow it to become a reality.

Whatever you do, just look after the fucking environment.

Something someone said

“When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.” - Anaïs Nin


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