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S is for...Social System

Well, it looks as though the tides are starting to turn once again, genuinely.

People are getting stressed, emotional, impatient, frustrated, and all the usual stuff. Some people are obviously happy as Larry. Me, generally speaking I aim to be S is for...Stoic. Which in my mind is relaxed, chilled, and calm. Then I have the chance to appreciate what I have and be happy regardless of my circumstances. Mainly, it’s stops me getting stressed at all of the crap that might be going on in my life or the world.

Now, it isn’t that this isn’t always happening, the tides turning, because it absolutely is. It’s just that in some societies the changing of the tides is a particularly choppy experience.

Now, that society could be all manner of sizes; one person, a household, a street, a neighbourhood, a team, a town or city, a county, a region, a country, a continent, a planet. All those things would qualify as societies. I mean, if you really want to get into it, you could go the other way and include the society of bacteria currently living on your face. Mmmmmmm. #justsaying

Some people are probably going, what an Earth are you on about Chris ‘the tides’?

Well, the best way to explain it is generally that there are ‘waves’ of culture in play all of the time. A ’wave sweeps across the nation’. Fashion, entertainment, films, books, songs, cuisine, toys, activities, tv shows, illnesses, design, attitudes, beliefs, and so on. The list is literally infinite. It’s massive. And now when you think about it you’ll probably get what I’m on about.

But the wave that I’m referring to at the moment is the political one. Clearly the past few years in the UK have put some people in certain situations and it’s got them thinking. And all that thinking has got them emotional. And all that emotion and thinking has got them passionate. And now they have all this thought and emotion and passion and they have to do something with it.

And what do people do when they have all of these ingredients? Well they develop belief, confidence, and ambition. They develop courage and a voice. It literally happens all the time, on all of these levels of the societal spectrum; from individual to entire planet.

The trouble is... there are so many societal systems that make up the planet that universal solidarity and unity at present is pretty unlikely. There’s a lot of disagreement. A lot of things that aren’t aligned. I’m not saying that to wind anybody up, there just is. It’s just facts man. If people aren’t on the same page, then the chances are things won’t work out as planned. It’s pretty basic stuff.

Now, the UK. Well this is a classic cluster fuck of societal systems. It doesn’t really bear thinking about because it’s such a mess. But what I can tell you, as I have stated numerous times, as have plenty of others, is that when this ‘revolution’ comes, and it will. It simply won’t last.

Because it’s how the societal system of the UK works. The UK is built on a tug-o-war governmental model. And like any sport, contest, or battle there are rivalries. And the dominance of the rivals comes and goes. So unless the governmental model changes then history genuinely is destined to repeat itself. It’s all pretty boring and predictable really.

Every time their is a change in power, that is a ‘revolution’ of sorts. But the revolution that is needed is one that stops the people of the UK fighting and actually starts them working together and collaborating. And the only model that I’m aware of where that works is Proportional Represenation. Loads of other countries do it. So you have to question why the UK(and America, amongst others) doesn’t? We’ll just go back a few sentences aaaaaaaannnndddd...yep...there’s the would appear that the powers that be want people fighting. That or they’re too stupid to realise how to actually create solidarity and unity. Terrifying really.

I’ll leave you to figure that out in your own time.

All I’m saying is, if you really want to make it work. Change the actual system. Because it’s waaaaaay out of date. Until then, have a stretch, grab a cup of tea, and do you.

Something someone supposedly said

“People of all countries have the right to choose their own social system and road to development in the light of their national conditions and characteristics.” - Li Peng


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