• Chris Davy

S is for...Social Science

It’s been a while since I first shared this, but it is without a doubt one of the greatest things I have ever created.

And the reason I’m sharing it again is because I care about my country and the people in it; England. I care about the UK as a whole, and am generally a soft soul who just cares about people in general. But you know, if things don’t change I’ll strongly have to consider finding somewhere else to live. Because quite honestly, living like this is basically supporting lunacy.

For the record, at the risk of this going over everyone’s head, each flavour represents a political party. And the combined ages represent the number of votes that the political party(flavour) got.

This is the current state of UK politics, and it is weak. The model is corrupt. If you don’t believe me, look at the numbers. Seriously, go back over previous elections and just look at the numbers.

This isn’t about my personal party political beliefs. This transcends that. This is about the system that we use to have the country function and work together. If anything it actually takes all political parties beliefs into account.

Basically, the way things are at the moment, the numbers just don’t add up. And that’s why we fail to work together. It isn’t just down to party politics. It’s the actual political system. The philosophy rooted within the First Past The Post voting system just doesn’t support working together. As long as the UK uses this model we will never truly flourish as a nation.

For the record, a coalition within a First Past The Post model is not working together. It’s more like two kids that have been fighting being told to play nice together.

And with a First Past The Post model it literally doesn’t matter who is in power. There will never be status quo. Because the inevitability is that the pendulum of power will swing for all eternity between the two largest parties; in the UK the Conservatives and Labour.

In fact, it’s the fate of any country where the First Past The Post voting model is adopted.

Proportional Representation is the best voting system for a country because it actually reflects how a nation thinks and feels about how the country they live in, their home, should function.

It removes the First Past The Post voting model which essentially creates a state of tug-of-war and in turn actually encourages people to work together.

Historically, there has been a resistance from some to adopt Proportional Representation for fear of countries becoming rules by ‘extremists’. But in reality isn’t every political school of thought a form of extremism? It just depends where you position yourself within the spectrum of the subject of discussion.

Besides, I think the likelihood of the UK being overrun with ‘extremists’ is slim to none. I think we can say at this point we wouldn’t let it happen.

Plus, the easiest way to stop it happening is to actually get out and vote. Actually engage with the country you live in. The average person doesn’t want conflict. They want peace and unity.

All I want is for people to get their heads around how this works, understand it, and then support work towards changing how we go about doing things when it comes to voting. Because if you don’t believe Proportional Representation is a better model that First Past The Post then that’s cool. Just let me know. I don’t want to live on this island with you anyway. There’s plenty of other countries in the world that use it where I could live. But just notice that this is the difference between me and you.

I’m prepared to look for ways to improve things to make them better. And I’m prepared to put the effort in to change them.

Plus it’s not my fault, I’ve studied this to some degree and I can’t all of a sudden just unknow it.

The BEST CHANCE we have of this coming to fruition is if the Labour Party actually supports it and gets it through Parliament. It could just happen yet. So keep your eyes peeled.

Whatever you thought about Brexit. This is the real issue.

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