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S is for...Social Media Politics: Part 2

Updated: Sep 19

So, recently I asked (Tweeted) my local MP, the one Mr. Ben Bradshaw, and I quote “How do we get Boris out of Number 10 now? Because...this is just a joke at this point. I’m serious.”

That was on the 08/09/2020.

AND THEN BEN SAID, on the 09/09/2020, nice speedy reply there Ben,

“work day and night for a Labour Government and become a Labour member, if you’re not one already.”

Then I wrote a blog post about it, because that’s the kind of weirdo I am. And then a few days later I actually joined the Labour party as a member. Because well you to play the game innit.

So, at this point if Boris isn’t voted out of Number 10 it looks like you can blame me. Because I’m telling you now I won’t be working day and night for a Labour Government. Like I’ve said before, I’ve got other stuff to do mate. I’ve got to sleep at some point for one! So, the working at night thing. That definitely isn’t happening.

Anywho, I thought Ben would be happy I’d joined so I decided to tweet him and let him know the good news.

For the record it‘s £4.38 per month to be a member of the Labour Part. Don’t even get me started.

“OK, I’ve joined.

This better work Ben.

Cause I have enough outgoings as it is #netflix #spotify #contactlenses

Now what?”

ANYWAY, Ben replied, again a day later because he(and maybe his team I guess) are bang on it and get back to you pretty pronto.


“Excellent news. If you have the time and inclination, get involved in local Labour Party activities. Use your vote in internal elections. Follow good sites like @labontown”

And now here we are...

So, it the style of a Dragon’s Den dragon “Let me tell you where I’m at...”

Time is a construct. You make time. You make your own time. I TOTALLY have the time to get involved in Labour Party activities. I can make time for it...but I won’t.

What I definitely don’t have is the inclination to get involved in them. Nah mate, not me. I’m a member, I can vote on internal party S is for...stuff. But I’m not looking for anyone to hang out with. If I’m doing any activities I’m playing sport, I’m going to the cinema, I’m going out for dinner, I’m seeing friends and family. I don’t need to do any party activities. In my head, that IS WEIRD. We are two steps away from some secret handshake club. And when I go to gigs or sport...I’m with people with all kinds of political affiliations. We would be indulging in some very weird kind of segregation if we only associated ourselves with people of the same political party.

I did follow that Labour account though. But I don’t really use Twitter so I probably won’t bother with any of that stuff.

That’s about it then for now. I’ll have to find something else to tweet Ben about I think next. Because talking about politics ALL the time is just boring.

Maybe I’ll check out this party activities events thing. But I’m telling you now, I’ve got Marley and Trace to hang out with, so it’s going to take some doing to beat hanging out with them.

I wonder if Ben can make a good cake? Hmmmmmm.

Something someone supposedly said

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” - Plato


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