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Here’s a good one for you.

Tweeted Ben Bradshaw, got a tweet back.

I’ll be honest, I’m not really feeling the suggested approach from Ben.

There’s loads of ways to get Boris out of number ten.

For one, Boris looks like the sort of guy that would enjoy a hamburger. He does. So I reckon offer him a few of those. 50/50 chance it works. Way less effort. #worksmartnothard

And I reckon you could also get him out of Number 10 by saying “Hey Boris, do you want to come out and play?” Because he seems like the sort of adult that is actually a child. And he’d rather go out and doss than do his homework.

Me? I think I was pretty much made encouraged to do my homework and then go out and play. That‘s why I’m smart enough not to pursue a ‘career’ in politics.

The other bit I don’t like about Ben’s reply is ‘work day and night’. Anyone that knows me knows I’m not going to do that. I like sleeping. You need to not work at some point. So that’s daft. Gotta sleep.

On top of that, I’d work for a Labour government as long as I knew they’d implement electoral reform. Otherwise they can stick it. I’m not convinced we are there yet. But it is the smart vote to get the conservatives out of government.

Just a shame all this is real life really and not a Netflix TV series.

And I’m not going to become a member of any political party. I have the freedom to vote. That’ll do me. We all pay taxes whoever is in power. I don’t need to give anyone MORE of my money. Have a word.

And that’s ya lot.

I think next time I tweet Ben I might tweet him about something that isn’t centred around politics. Because, the exchange was pretty boring to be honest.

Looks like I’ll have to come up with all the bold and fun ideas then.

Anyone up for pitching in on a crowdfunder to buy all these hamburgers then or what?

Something someone supposedly said

“Man who invented the hamburger was a smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.” Matthew McConaughey

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