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S is for... Sobriety

S is for... Sobriety

This year, for the challenge as much as anything, but also because it was my intention to start playing football again for the first time in roughly 17 years, I decided not to drink alcohol for 100 days. I started on Sunday 1st April, no joke, and finished on Monday 9th July. It was relatively easy. There were possibly a handful of situations where I wasn't drinking and I may have before. In honesty, I don't really drink that much. Since I finished university in 2007 there haven't been many times when I have gotten that drunk. I think I did enough smoking and drinking before finishing Uni to last me a lifetime.

What I wanted to talk about though is how sobriety isn't just about alcohol. Yeah, it's about drugs too. But it's not just about drugs. Not in my head. It's about substances.

I mean, drugs, substances, same difference right? But what I mean is, it's about controlling what goes into your body. That's what sobriety is about. It could be alcohol, nicotine, class As, but it could be sugar, caffeine...if I really want to get into can be anything. Physical or mental. So, information for example. The news. Media. Social media. This fucking blog. It's not just the 'bad' stuff either. You could be sober of vegetables or fruit. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you have an allergy of course, but you could be.

Oh yeah, by the way, I swear. Even when I write...I swear. I love to swear. Swearing is awesome. If you don't like it...well that's about don't like it. But I'm telling you now swearing is one of the healthiest stress reliefs you can find. So, fuck it. I'll never be sober of swearing by choice.

But since it can be anything, the task is controlling it. I mean I don't want to be a fun sponge, but I am a realist. Check that, I'm a syncretist. I believe life is much easier when you start to care about what you put into your body. It's definitely a laugh when you let loose from time to time. But I love sport and leisure, and that is definitely more enjoyable when you care about what you put into your body.

Have I struggled with sobriety in my life? Well, come on, based on what I've just said and how I interpret what sobriety is, yeah I struggle with it everyday. But like most things, as long as I can justify my choices I find it easier to make them. Plus, if you rewind to the start of this blog post you'll remember, I love a challenge. my head are you ever truly sober? No, in my interpretation of it, you are never sober. You can't be, unless we are talking strictly about illegal drugs, for example. But even then, they are only illegal because some person made them illegal at some point. It's up to you what you put into your body. It's your fucking body. My advice though would be, find a sustainable diet that helps you achieve what you want to physically and mentally. Key word being, sustainable.

Who doesn't love a good quote?

"Getting sober was one of the three pivotal events in my life, along with becoming an actor and having a child. Of the three, finding my sobriaty was the hardest thing." - Gary Oldman

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