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S is for...SMART

Updated: Apr 24

Not in the clever way but clever nevertheless.

SMART is a mnemonic/acronym used in many different areas for performance and personal development.

The letters stand for the goals that an individual or team are hoping to achieve.

S is Specific

M is Measurable

A is Achievable

R is Relevant

T is Timebound

During theses difficult days of isolation due to Covid-19 many people are struggling with their day to day existence. What started off as a bit of a holiday from work is now becoming stressful, aimless, tense and boring. Worse still is the person who is on their own with little or no contact with the outside world.

What to do? The news is depressing and causes more upset and worry. S is for STOP watching it! If you need to then just listen to the headlines.

Where to go? Nowhere really as isolation means S is for STAY at home.

Who to see? No one as not seeing people means S for SAFE.

So, what does all this have do with S is for SMART.

Well how about;

S is for Small

M is for Measurable

A is for Achievable

R is for Realistic Routine

T is for Target

Every day is pretty much the same at the moment so a routine is necessary to help the hours go by especially if you live on your own. A pet is a brilliant companion; a being to talk to and prepare food for, a reason to be.

So, back to’s important to have a routine to get past these difficult days.

S is for Small but a daily goal is important.

There’s no need to get up too early but get up you must. Make a cup of tea or coffee and take it back to bed and read for a while.

Shower or bathe. Get dressed.

Look after your appearance. Have breakfast.

M is for measurable. A walk after breakfast for half an hour or a bit of exercise with Mr Motivator on BBC 1 at 10.40am (other channels are available but not with Mr Motivator)

A is for Achievable. Plan to do a little job a day. We all have jobs that are put off, now is the time to do them. Not all at once but a little at a time. It’s a good feeling to achieve doing something that bugs being done.

R is for realistic. Don’t do everything in one day. Stop, rest, read a bit, have a coffee or tea, look out the window, wave at the people passing by, sing, listen to music, watch tv, be glad you’re alive so smile.

T is for target. The target is to get by every day with positivity until this is all past and pass it will.

Something someone supposedly said

“Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.” -Steven Anderson.


Smarter Than You - The Undertones

Smart Girls - Weezer

She Was Smart - Tracy Byrd

Man Smart (Woman Smarter) - Harry Belafonte

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