• Chris Davy

S is for... Slack

S is for... Slack

Had a busy day innit. Traveled up to the Midlands for Christmas. Haven’t made time to write anything more than this. Sometimes you’ve got to be slack because of circumstances. But even if you can do a little bit of something, even the tiniest thing to keep everything moving in the direction you want it to, then do it.

Some people need to cut others some slack. Some people need to have people cut them some slack. But sometimes you need to cut yourself some slack.


Who doesn't like a good quote?

"I tend to eat vegetables only when I'm with the kids and the rest of the time, I'm a bit slack. But, I am weight-conscious, so I concentrate on avoiding junk food." - Daley Thompson

Songs to listen to now:

Lazy - X-press 2 ft. David Byrne

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