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S is for...Sinema, Kaje dy

Sinema, Kaje dy

Because I write all my posts beginning with ‘S is for...’, what I actually mean to write is Kaje dy Sinema.

And ‘Kaje dy Sinema‘ is written in the IPA; the International Phonetic Alphabet. (I’ve nicked this from Wikipedia, by the way).

Not only that, but it’s also written in respect to French. So, what I’ve written could actually really look like this:

Cahiers du Cinéma


Now, the reason I’ve wanted to touch on the topic of Cahiers du Cinema is because I know I’m part of something special. So, I want to write about it.

Quick history lesson, Cahiers du Cinéma, which is basically French for Cinema Notebooks, or something like that(if we are going to start arguing over the semantics of translation I’m going to lose interest REALLY quickly). Anyway; Cahiers du Cinéma was basically a little magazine where contributors wrote about film criticism and theory and stuff like that. I’ve never read it. I pretty much can’t read French. But it launched in France in the 1950s.

Amongst it‘s writers were Jean-Luc Goddard, Claude Chabrol, Jacques Rivette, and François Truffaut. These weren’t the only writers. There were a bunch of them. These guys are just some of the most famous. They became some of French Cinema‘s biggest figures and part of what is known as The French New Wave; La Nouvelle Vague. Which is a period/style of cinema.

If you are really interested, all this stuff has some cool links to Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction‘.

So, what am I actually getting at?

Well, clearly I write too. I write this blog. I’ve self-published some books. I’m also proficient in writing a bunch of post-it notes. I’m ok at writing shopping lists, and I’m obsessed with writing up my finances. Because, you gotta manage that dollar!

But I also write for Silly Linguistics Magazine. Which has been an incredible experience. I’ve done it for well over a year now. And I’ve loved every minute of it. Ok, that’s a lie. But, I’ve loved like 99% of the time writing for the magazine. Which, if we are talking percentages, I’ll take. There’s always going to be S is for...Something that ticks you off a bit. Sometimes, you just aren’t feeling it.

ANYWAY, what is cool, SO COOL, about the magazine is that we have all these passionate writers come together to write about language and linguistics.

So to me, in some ways, for us ‘the writers’ of Silly Linguistics Magazine this is like our Cahiers du Cinéma. But naturally, amongst us it would be more like Cahiers du Linguistique.

I’ll be honest, I barely read what the other writers write. And THAT is maybe REALLY BAD to say, but I’m busy man! I have a 2 year old, I’m barely more capable of life-ing than he is. And I have to do all that working stuff, and then do some of that wasting my life sat in front of the tv thing.

Hopefully the audience of the magazine continues to grow. People continue to write and create some interesting stuff. Because if Cahiers du Cinéma is anything to go by, then in the not too distant future some INSANE pieces of literary work is going to be produced. I’d like to think some revolutionary literature. I mean, there has to be, right? That’s just how it works. Someone creates a thing, people work on the thing, and people find ways to make the thing innovative, exciting, and better.

I mean, reality is, they’ve probably already been written. I should probably read some of the articles of by my counterparts.

S is for...Sounds good to me.

Something someone supposedly said

“I pity the French Cinema because it has no money. I pity the American Cinema because it has no ideas.” - Jean-Luc Goddard


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