• Chris Davy

S is for...Silver Screen: Singles

Ok so, I don’t know if you know but I have a degree in Film Studies and Media & Cultural Studies. What grade did I get? I got a Vorderman. A Third. Called a Vorderman because yeah, Carol, that well clever lady who does the maths and that, she got a third too. Hugh Laurie also got a Third. Not that I’m trying to justify my grade or anything. Unlike me though, they both went to Cambridge. I...I went to Kingstaaaann, bruv! In Surrey. Sorry Carol and Hugh, not everyone gets to go to Kingston. Anyway, a Third is a Third. Meh, whatever. I didn’t quit. That’s what’s important. That’s what I tell myself anyway. I don’t see Hugh or Carol writing a sick blog like this one!!

Soooooooooo, Silver Screen, an idiom for Cinema. I’m crafty me mate. I reckon I can make anything link to the letter S. But Silver Screen, known as a Silver Lenticular Screen, is a type of projection screen that was popular in the early years of the motion picture industry. It contained actual silver.

No I didn’t learnt that detail at Uni. Obviously, I got a Third!! I just looked it up on good old Wikipedia. Do I know that the info I’m telling you is true? Do I even care? Would you even have cared if I hadn’t raised the point? Who cares? It’s interesting. I know you’ll go and do your own reading on the subject if you are that interested in it.

But, studying film is about LOADS OF DIFFERENT STUFF! Like, so much stuff.

Anyway, I wanted to have a way that I can write about films on here every now and again. But not all films begin with the letter S. So, the segment will be S is for...Silver Screen: [Insert film name here], voila, I can’t write about any film I want. Sick!

And in terms of what I’ll write about the film. Well, I’ll do like I usually do and just spout some random shit about it. When you study film you analyse it in a whole bunch of ways. Am I interested in dissecting films in a scholarly fashion? From time to time, yeah. But as a general rule, no mate, because I’ve got other stuff I’d rather be doing. Staring at a wall, for example.

One thing that does piss me off is when people ask me. Is that film good? Seriously this fucks me off beyond belief. You are basically putting your potential pleasure of whether or not you will enjoy a film on me. Go and watch the fucking film for yourself.

That said, yes I reckon I have a good eye for what is a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ film. But ultimately mate, I’m pro-film. Which means I’m pro-creativity. Which means I like that people strive to make stuff. If you are criticising something what perspective are you doing it from? Maybe you should just chill the fuck out and enjoy a film for what it really is, a bit of escapism and story-telling.

So, those of you that have been paying attention will notice, today’s film of choice is...’Singles’. A 1992, romantic comedy written, co-produced, and directed by Cameron Crowe.

I’ve known about this film for a while. But I’ve never watched it. So I did. The reason I wanted to watch it is because in it are members of

Pearl Jam


Alice in Chains

Simply put, three of THE GREATEST BANDS OF ALL TIME!

And the film is cool, man. The music is cool, because it’s set to bands of the Seattle music scene. The story is cool. The way it’s shot is cool. It’s just easy to watch. It’s made by Cameron Crowe, mate!

What film did Crowe make after this? Jerry Maguire. And if you don’t like Jerry Maguire, I don’t want to speak to you.

Matt Dillon is in it. He’s just good man. I think he’s funny man. His character is funny and he plays it well.

What more is there to say, really?! If you want to watch it, then watch it. If you don’t, then don’t.

But I know you are missing out if you don’t watch it. Trouble is, can you now resist the temptation to find out for yourself?

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