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S is for...Show Love

It's Mother's Day.

Now, like a lot of 'celebrations' I'm not a massive fan. I spent a fair amount of time growing up working in my Step-Dad's card and gift shop in Exeter. So, let me retract that first statement. I'm not a massive fan of how a lot of people go about celebrating just giving people stuff. Like, that's all cool and everything, and call me a hippie of whatever, but material things just aren't on the top of my list when it comes to showing your love to someone.

If you are going to give someone something, give them a hug. Give them a smile. Give them a real story as to why you are thankful and grateful for whatever it is they did. Don't just give them a fucking bar of chocolate or bunch of flowers. Yeah, the gesture is symbolic, but make sure you express a real sincere thank you; in whatever way you can.

SO....time to get sappy.

I fucking love my Mum. I also, hate my Mum. Don't worry she knows this, the feeling is pretty mutual. Before we go any further, let's just clarify, the love outweighs the hate. Clarifying that is more for her benefit than mine - I just don't need to be accused of ruining Mother's Day. BUT that is why I love her so much....BECAUSE she has allowed me to hate her. She knows I love her, but she has allowed me to hate her. THAT is the most powerful thing that someone can do for anyone I think. Allow you to hate them, whilst still loving you unconditionally. Allow you to hate them and still be there for you afterwards. THAT is true love.

My son is called Marley, in part inspired by the legend that is Bob Marley, but also just because it's a nice name. Bob Marley once said...

That's what being a parent is about. Suffering. You don't get a choice in that. You are going to hurt your children in someway or another at some point. And they are going to hate you for it. I know, I FUCKING KNOW, Marley is going to turn to me one day and say 'I hate you!'. EVEN, eeeeeeeven if he does it just taking the piss. It's still going to hurt. But I will suffer for him. Because that's what parents are supposed to do. My Mum didn't have to find me, she made me. I'm here. And she has suffered for me. And for that Mummy I say thank you, and I love you x

For the record, I did get my Mum a 'material' gift. It was a t-shirt. It was t-shirt with one of her catchphrases on it. I went to see her last weekend, and I needed to find something that could get made quickly enough so that it got delivered whilst I was visiting. Now, the trouble I had was that I couldn't find a t-shirt maker that would make something quick enough that didn't have 'Drinking Team' as part of t-shirt. BUT, my Mum likes to have a drink, infact Trace got her a gin gift set. Perfect. What was the custom text I got added to the t-shirt I hear you ask? was...

'You'll miss me when I'm dead.'

So the t-shirt says

You'll miss me when I'm dead



Yes Mother. Yes, I will miss you when you are dead.


Who doesn't love a good quote?

"It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?" - Mahatma Ghandi

Songs to listen to now:

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Does Your Mother Know - ABBA

Motherlove - The Lonely Island

Mother's Little Helper - The Rolling Stones

Treat Your Mother Right - Mr. T

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