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S is for... Sharing

S is for... Sharing

In a nutshell, I'm writing this because I want you to share my blog. But why should you share it? Why do I share the stuff I share? Why do I want you to share it?

Let's just tell it like it It's partly to do with money. If enough people read this on the daily, then we all know eventually I'll be able to find a way to monetise what I'm doing. Who doesn't want some extra cash? But if it's only partly to do with that, then what else is it to do with? Well, I've explained before I like writing. Like, I really enjoy it when I can be bothered and I feel like its justifiable for me to write. Like if Marley T is covered in shit or needs feeding, I probably shouldn't be writing. But right now he's just chilling in his swing chair watching Bournemouth v Liverpool.

Hang on, that means that means this blog entry was potentially written on Saturday 8th December and I'm possibly writing things days in advance. Yes, yes it does. It's almost like I have the ability to plan ahead, AND almost like I genuinely mean it when I say I enjoy writing.

Talking of writing days in advance, recently I met the editor of a local newspaper. He said he had 100 to 150 stories on the go at anyone time. That's hardcore. There was a time when I wanted to be a journalist. I even worked for the Express and Echo in Exeter as a merchandiser not long after finishing University. I had my foot in the door. But I left after about 6 months. Mentally and emotionally I couldn't handle it. I would have been about 23, I guess. I left because of an incident that happened one day. I woke up, went to work. Got a message saying that I needed to go to Exmouth and make sure the stores in Exmouth were stocked up. Basically there had been a hit and run the night before. The victim had sadly died. We obviously had a story on it and we needed to ensure we could sell as much as we possibly could. That is after all the name of the game of journalism.

I worked there before that happened. Because my job would have been pretty pointless if it was just for a weekly newspaper.

STOP - No, no it's not. That's part of the game. But that is not THE game. Not in my head. The game is, write the news without bias and with impartiality. THAT is the name of the game. I also believe that it is the responsibility of the media to promote a sustainable culture. Like, if there was just loads of hit and runs, and everyone died in hit and run, then eventually there'd be no one left. That's not sustainable. But this is where we get stuck. Because in order to promote a sustainable culture that would require bias and partiality. FOR THE SAKE OF ABSOLUTE FUCKNESS!!! I will have to go back to this topic again another day it looks like.

Reality check, we all like writing. We all like writing when we can do it. We all like writing when we believe we can do it well and we can justify what we are writing. We all like writing when we believe it is good and not bad. The trick then, write even when you think it's bad. Write through the shit until it becomes good. But that is just about the writers headspace, what they are writing and whether or not it serves the purpose it is intended for. Is it for selling stories? Money? Is it for personal pleasure? Is it for a cause? Is the purpose of writing achieving the desired aim?

Writer's block...that's some bullshit. I think that's not a thing, not in the way that I think a lot of people talk about it. In my mind, writer's block is one of these things or a combination of these things: A writer not having the courage to write what they want, not having the ability to write something in the way they want to write it, or not having the tools to write what they want to write. You can probably think of some other things that writers block is. Well done you, *clap clap* ; )

To go back to Master Yoda, do or do not. There is no try. Writer's block therefore is about an attitude and a work ethic. Are you going to come up with some bullshit excuses or some justifiable excuses as to why you can't or won't write something?

So, to answer the initial questions I put out there. Share this blog because you want to share it. The reason behind why you want to share it is yours. If you care to share that reason with me, then I'm all ears, let me know. Likewise, if you don't want to share it and want to let me know why you don't want to, then let me know. But if you don't want to share it, but want to let me know about why you don't want to share it - don't be surprised if I don't respond in a way that satisfies you. #awkward

I share the stuff I share, in this blog, because I hope some people find it of some use. I think with the S is for Something in particular I've tapped into a really useful cognitive and psychological system that addresses a lot of useful topics that people can use as individuals or as part of teams to achieve great things. Because of the use of alliteration it makes it really easy to remember things. The rest of the stuff I share on social media I do because simply it entertains me in some way. Sharing is after all caring.

And yeah, I want you to share it so more people read it, then I can make some cash and retire within the next year. That would be really appreciated. Then I can stop pretending to give a fuck about any of this shit and just spunk all my cash on the way to an early grave.

Here comes the conscience, obviously that's not the real reason I want you to share it. Share it because, yeah it will hopefully one day help me make some extra cash. But share it also because you enjoy the reading the things I write about and you enjoy the way I write about these things. Share it because believe me when I say, I'd make an awesome rich person. I won't fuck it up. I know what to do with lots of cash. Get Oasis back together. That's another aim. I will make it happen.

A short story about sharing. In Exmouth, I spent some of my years growing up in a house next to the Cranford Club. It's a sports and leisure club. I lived in 38 Salterton Road. I was in there most days playing some sort of sport. Me and my friends would also play on the fruit machine. Which we shouldn't have been doing because we were all under age. But we did it whenever we could be bothered. The receptionist would always tell us to get of it. We'd hear her coming from reception, get of the machine. Lie about not playing on it and then just play on it again when she went back to her desk. Haha, the little tinkers we were! One day, I won a bunch of cash, say £40. I had it all in pound coins. Sweet! I went home with my friends, showed my Mum who asked if I'd given then any. To which I replied no. To which she made me share it with them. The end. So yeah, not the adorable heart warming about sharing story you were perhaps expecting. But one that sticks in my head. Probably because even at roughly the age of 14 I wasn't always the best at sharing. My Mum still had to get on my case about it, hahahahaha!

I used to lived about 100 yards further down the main road to the left. That green bit is now covered in houses. What a surprise.

Who doesn't like a good quote?

"Keep what ya got, by giving it all away." - Ian Brown

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