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S is for...Sex

So, here’s how it works...

Let me get some of you up to speed.

I write about a lot of S is for...Stuff.

I write about a lot of Stuff beginning with S is for...S.


I wanted to create a blog that allowed me to share my knowledge and skills of coaching. I’ll explain what that has got to do with S, S is for...Shortly.

Bit more back story first. I finished studying Film Studies and Media & Cultural Studies at Kingston University in 2007.

After that, I moved around the UK a little bit. Having been born in Wolverhampton in 1985, but raised in Exmouth from 1994 by my Mum and my Step-Dad, I moved back to Wolverhampton to live with my Dad for a short period of time. After that I tried moving back to London to ‘catch a break’, ultimately couldn’t hack it, and then eventually moved back to Devon where the pace of life more suits my fragile little mind.

On returning to Devon I did a bunch of jobs. But also wanted to get fitter and healthier, again - remember, I was a Film Student...a typically unhealthy creature. But in my youth, hahahahaha I’m such an old fuck, in my youth I was very active.

So, in 2009 I started a community project to form a basketball club. Which I did, using Exmouth Community College as the base. Exmouth Community College at various points in history, including the last 20 years, is recognised as one of the largest schools in Europe.


So, it goes without saying that this is one of my greatest achievements.

Anywhazzle, through my coaching, at some point - amidst all my studying and striving - I realised that all the main things that I considered to be highly important, began with the letter S.






and so on.

So, I wanted to collate this to share it with others. To see if I could make a bit more cash. To grow more enthusiasm around something I love, sport. Also, because I love writing. Which is probably why I noticed this pattern more easily. But ultimately, I’m creative and its just something fun to do.

Anyway, along the way, turns out I’m not the only one who has ever noticed this handy S strategy.

Ken Doherty (1905-1996), US Olympian, Decathlete, and Track and Field coach wise mindful of the exact same thing.

Why would I share this information with other coaches? Wouldn’t that give them an advantage over me?

Hardly mate,

1. There are loads of different types of coach.

2. Even in a head to head, it’s about your command of the skill of coaching that makes you a great coach. Not just the shit you know. You actually have to try, you actually have to apply what you know. Like, you know, in the moment.

3. I believe a truly good coach doesn’t actually need to coach so much as, just manage how and when to be a twat. And to be a good coach at some point you have to be a twat - otherwise - why would someone need you as a coach? Your job is to tell them the stuff they can’t tell themselves. That’s why you were hired.

4. Really really good coaching is done way before the moment of truth arrives.

Plus, like I say, I love sport and in my lifetime I want to see England win the Football World Cup, and ideally the European Championships. IDEALLY, more than once.

But also, I want Great Britain to continue to grow the sport of basketball. Because it’s incredible. So I’d love to see us win something there too.

What Id love to see is us win everything we can. In whatever sized window that would be, 8-10 years I guess. So that’s why I share it. Because I’m thinking on an international level. Because the chances of an international winning squad coming from just one part of the country is ridiculous. Also, in terms of developing talent, it’s just not smart. Everyone needs to have the opportunity to be on the same page.

So yeah, I started writing all this stuff about S. I realised it was basically mnemonics. I researched mnemonics a bit more, decided that mnemonics is basically mindfulness. It’s also as far as I’m concerned a refined use of the useful techniques found in CBT and NLP. I mean clearly because CBT and NLP, as they are most commonly known are in fact mnemonics.

And there you have it. That is how you prove that sex sells. Oh, yeah, this is all called S is for...Seductive Marketing.

Something someone supposedly said

“Marketing is like sex - if you have to pay for it, you’re doing something wrong.” - John Edson


Let’s Get It On - Marvin Gaye

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