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S is for... Services


Gordano Services, Bristol

Junction 19, M5

To be specific ; )

I can genuinely tell you what it feels like to be a tennis ball.

Bit random Chris, we started with services, now we are on to tennis balls.

Stay with me. It’s a bit of a crazy analogy I know, but one that always springs to mind when I think about this particular situation. Probably because growing up, I played a lot of tennis.

When I was younger and my folks had split, I moved from Codsall, Wolverhampton to Exmouth, Devon. Not by choice I might add. It was 1994, I was 8, I wasn’t quite up to making those kinds of decisions yet. Those of you that have reasonable understanding of the UK will know that Wolverhampton and Exmouth is pretty much the length of the M5 motorway apart.

At times, whenever I would go to stay with Dad, Mum would drive me to Gordano Services to meet him. Gordano is a special services. Not because of the memories I have of it. It’s not something I look back on and go, oh yeah remember being transported up and down the fucking motorway to see your Dad and family, SWEET!

No, Gordano is special because... it’s one of the only services on the M5 where you can access it easily from both sides of the motorway. In my instance, it’s also roughly half way between the two places. Perfect exchange point for me.

Oh yeah Chris. It is.

Those of you that do like the specifics will know though, actually it’s closer to Exmouth than it is to Wolverhampton. But meh, can’t always be splitting hairs. It will have to do.

So yeah, all quite confusing for little old me. Mentally pretty exhausting. But over the years it gave me a great many things. One thing being that I talked a lot with my parents. I know them both pretty well. Because that’s what happens when you are stuck in a metal box for hours. You talk. You also argue. But you chat shit, laugh, maybe cry and resolve stuff too. Or as you get older, and get better at it, you agree to disagree. Perhaps the single most powerful thing two people can do. Aside from becoming WWE World Tag Team Champions.

The other thing it allowed me to do, I say allowed in an attempt not to be neggy, it’s more like forced me to do out of circumstance to cope with the inevitable boredom of being sat in a car for hours, was listen to things a lot. In particular the radio and CDs.

My Dad is a DJ. Think more functions and weddings rather than David Guetta, but still a DJ which means music and lots of it! For the record, Mark Davy can hold a room probably as good as David Guetta. At least in my eyes. But he did start DJing when he was 14 after all.

Some of the time though, if I drive, I like to drive in silence. I don’t always need to be pumping my head full of shit.

Anyways, so yeah, all that back and forth makes you feel like a bit of a tennis ball. Because you aren’t in control of your situation. You are doing it whether you like it or not. I do believe though, this has helped me develop a pretty strong mental toughness. Something I’ve needed at points. Some things are going to happen whether you want them to or not.

But why services? Well, today Trace and I are going to pick up Marley T. That’s our son. He’s been to stay with my Mum, who now doesn’t live in Devon anymore! She lives in... wait for it... THE MIDLANDS again!! Hahahahaha! You couldn’t write it, oh no, you could. I just did.

It’s interesting really, writing the hashtags just. I’ve put #tagteam. And in some ways, whether they liked it or not. I know Mum and Dad were always trying to work as a Tag Team for me. And that happens sometimes. You have to work as a team, whether you want to or not. For something bigger than yourself. For something greater than the sum of the parts - which is exactly what I am to them. I’m pretty sure that’s how babies are made, right?

Thank you, Mum and Dad x

Anyways, it’s a thumbs up from Marley T!x

Who doesn't love a good quote?

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the services of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

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2, 4, 6, 8 Motorway - Tom Robinson Band (obviously)

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers

Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver

End Of The Line - Traveling Wilburys

A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

The Passenger - Iggy Pop

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