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S is for...Series, Wendell and Wanda book

Making good use of the crafty James Bond comma again.

Yeah, today I’ve released the first book in a brand new self-published Draw-It-Yourself book series, Wendell and Wanda.

Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals

of Noitanigami

What more is there to say?

Well, the eBook is free on Amazon this week. Click on the link below and you can download the ebook for free. Seriously.

I mean, I get it, you want to know what’s inside. Like, why would you even bother buying it? But that’s why it’s free. So you can see for yourself. It‘s self-published through Amazon, so the easiest thing to do is just buy the ebook, for free, through Amazon and then view it on the Kindle App. Then you can check it out.

Basically, I had the idea for Wendell and Wanda S is for...Something like 12 years ago when I was studying at Uni. My course, for those that don’t know it yet, was Film Studies and Media & Cultural Studies. So I was learning about all sorts of stuff man. Art, entertainment, business, marketing. Like, loads of stuff.

Kids books, if they are done right and well are always a hit. So that’s what I focused on trying to create. But at the time, I couldn’t pull it altogether. I wasn’t aware of the same self-publishing opportunities that I am now, and there’s just a lot that you need to do. I was doing this at the same time as trying to not fail my degree. Which I very nearly did. Got a third didn’t I.

But I did write a story called Wendell and Wanda and the big bouncy sun-drop. It was about basketball. No surprise for those that know me. I sent it off to the basketball hall of fame in America. They liked it, but weren’t prepared/able/interested in supporting it’s development so I basically knocked it on the head. I didn’t know how to/couldn’t be bothered to pitch it to publishers. And that was that.

Why write a kids book? Well, a kids book is a fairly manageable project; in terms of how much goes into actually creating the book content. I’ve always enjoyed writing; poetry when I was younger, songs as a teenager. So the writing bit wasn’t too much of an effort for me. Plus kids books are fun man. And so are cartoons. Who doesn’t love that shit? I’ll tell you who doesn’t love it, uptight squares and stuffs! That’s who!

But out of somewhere in recent months I decided to revive the idea. Because I‘ve written to fairly serious books in the past year or so. I wanted to have a bit of fun. So I started this series.

But this is my angle. You are the illustrator. That’s what I want to see. I want to see kids and adults alike creating the artwork to compliment the story I’ve written. That is what it should all be about. Creativity. At least some of the time. Not just soaking up other people’s ideas, but coming up with your own.

So before you send me a message point out that there isn’t any artwork. Yeah, I know mate. Thanks.

I plan to keep writing a whole bunch of books for this series. On a whole range of subjects. I’d love to try and write some in other languages, but I’m just not good enough at another language. So it will have to be English.

And yeah, there is some significance to the name Wendell and Wanda. I’ll leave you to figure it out.

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