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S is for... Sensationalism

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Ok, oh man, I think this sums me up in a nutshell. Because, it can just be tiring to look at everything going on in the world from time to time. Just because some people are so...

S is for...SO fucking stupid!

I’m watching the news. Something I rarely do, but I’ve caught myself off guard; I finished watching I’m a celebrity and then the news came on. Got me! These TV schedulers are sneaky man!

I’ve seen this story about sexuality being discussed at a primary school in Birmingham, and it apparently promoting homosexuality. Then all the protests that have taken place outside of the school because of it.

Sexuality, an important S that I’ll write on at some point. But first sensationalism is a massive concept that really needs looking at.

Sensationalism is basically looking at the concept of how when a topic gets exposure, it is promoted. It is encouraged.

‘If you shine a light on something, you ARE advocating it.’

Which, is quite simply, fucking stupid. It’s bollocks. It’s appealing to a really special level of stupid. Like a really fucking special level of stupid. Of course, it holds some truth, but it is fundamentally STUPID!

If that’s the case, then nothing can ever be discussed without you becoming an advocate for it. Because if you discuss something you MUST BE sensationalising it.

Ultimately, some people need to start giving us more credit as people, as human beings. Creatures that can indulge and explore topics and subjects and then peacefully exist and co-exist after doing so. Topics can just exist as things. As thoughts, as ideas, as topics for discussion; or you know...not discussion. Just because something exists doesn’t mean you have to indulge in it any more than just thinking about it and moving on. Just because you discuss something doesn’t mean you have to then engage in it in other ways.

It’s just tiring and boring to see man!

Just allow shit to exist in your head. Just let it sit there. You don’t have to do anything with it. It can just float around like a fish in a bowl. Sometimes it’s at the front of the bowl where you are more aware of it, sometimes it swims to the back of the bowl and you don’t think about it for ages. Summarise it however you choose. Let it come and go.

Maybe some of these people just need to practise that. Because I think a lot of people, myself included at different points in my life have applied the - oh no I don’t want to think about that shit approach. It simply isn’t sustainable.

Here, here’s a list of what I consider some gross horrible shit that I’d rather not think about. But it’s part of life and is always going to rear it’s ugly head at some point, be it in the world of fact or fiction. So we better get used to it.








I mean, that’s enough isn’t it? Nah, fuck it, let’s crack on a little bit deeper for a second. Get our moneys worth.



Animal Cruelty





Grave digging

Kinder Eggs

Well, looks like I’m done for. I must be an advocate for all of these things because I’ve highlighted them.

Shut up.

Keeping in mind that I started this blog from a coaching perspective.

S is for...Safety and Safe Guarding.

As someone who has actively coached as different points in the last 10 years, some of these are things that genuinely HAVE TO be at the front of your mind. Because, if you think you spot signs of some of these things, you should act upon it. Because, ultimately if you don’t, you are pretty much a piece of shit. Even if you aren’t a coach they will cross your mind, come on, let’s stop with the pretending and being shy about it.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s tough, it’s scary, it’s uncomfortable. But just think of the other person that has had to go through it or deal with whatever it is. That’s why you act, because it’s the right thing to do. Because, if it was you on the receiving end of one of those things, you’d like to think someone would try and help and support you, wouldn’t you?!

The trick’s the discussion...and the style of the discussion...whilst you are doing it. That is what you are sensationalising. That is what you are promoting. Supportive collaboration and development. That is what you are advocating. Not all these horrible topics. By discussing it, you are supporting a supportive culture. Some people just don’t realise it, because then are to busy doing it, or getting pissed off and angry about the topic to realise that’s what they are doing!

But you know, some people have actually been through this shit. So if someone doesn’t want to speak about it, let me give you a little tip.

Maybe THAT is a sign that maybe they’ve been through some horrible shit, and they don’t want to talk about it. Maybe, it triggers some horrible memories. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are plotting their next racist attack. Maybe it’s just tough to talk about it.

So just be a little bit empathetic about it all.

It all reminds me of a memory. When I first started coaching I once went on a safeguarding training course. And this will always stick with me, because ultimately I thought it was mental.

We were given loads of scenarios as asked if the subsequent actions were appropriate or not.

So here it is, it was something like this...

Your 9 year old daughter has been playing football. She returns home all muddy.

Do you help give her a bath?

One of the guys on the course said no, it wouldn’t be appropriate. He must have been about 40/50. I would have been about 24/25 at the time.

I assumed he mustn’t have had kids. But I can’t remember ever finding out.

I’m sat there thinking, what? And a whole bunch of other thoughts exploring the topic and scenario. But ultimately, I’m like

It’s YOUR kid, of course I’m going to help her wash herself.

But that is what happened. It’s fucking madness! As far as I’m concerned it’s mad that that was even consider remotely inappropriate.

But here we are. So better keep coping and dealing with the craziness.


Not today

Something someone supposedly said

Nopey nope nope nope

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