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S is for...’Self-Propelled’ Wheelchair Basketball

Ok, firstly, no I’m not aware of any version of electric wheelchair basketball. But, that would be very cool. What I am aware of though is wheelchair basketball. Yeah, S is for...‘self-propelled’ is a bit of a stretch, but let’s keep it real, that’s exactly how this game works. Players propel themselves in order to play the game of basketball. Which is equally cool stuff.

So, yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Davey the Chair of Exeter Otters Wheelchair Basketball Club. We chewed each other‘s ears off for a good few hours. And no, we aren’t related; Jack spells his surname wrong! Ho ho ho ho ho!

Jack recently got in touch with me to pick my brain about coaching. So that’s why we met up.

For the record, ‘No, it didn’t take long to pick my brain. Haha. Yeah, good one.’

Now, I’ve lived in Exeter for about 6 1/2 years. Being from Exmouth, and into basketball, I’ve been aware of the Exeter Otters for quite a while. It was a good few years back that I went to watch them play, I believe it was at St. Luke’s School, because they had the opportunity to have a season of going unbeaten. Yes, they won every single game that season. Which, needless to say, is very impressive.

These days they play in the British Wheelchair Basketball Premier League. Yes, that is the highest level of league that you can play wheelchair basketball in in the United Kingdom. I repeat...that is the highest level of league that you can play wheelchair basketball in in the United Kingdom. The highest.

Now, my intention here is not to ‘over egg’ the quality of this team. But it is to highlight that they are S is for...Serious about their sport and S is for...Serious about being as good as they can be. They are also S is for...Serious about S is for...Supporting others and helping people get involved in the game.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, like so many athletes, teams, and sports clubs they are technically an ‘amateur‘ team. i.e. they don’t get paid. But, I think it goes without saying that to play in the highest level of league in the UK their attitude, mentality, and work ethic has to be nothing short of ‘professional’.

So, Exeter, I encourage you to please support this club in whatever way that you can. If you can sponsor them to help cover the costs of running the team, then please get in touch with the club to discuss this. If you feel you have something else to offer that will help support them, I know they would be more than grateful to hear what you have to offer. So again, please get in touch.

Like any sports team they just want to opportunity to be the best that they can be.

All sports clubs play a massive part in bringing communities together, and the Exeter Otters Wheelchair Basketball club are no different.

I’m very excited to help support this club and these players to help them achieve the very best that they can. With the support of the city of Exeter, the sky really is the limit.

For more information please visit:

Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Contact Jack Davey, Chair of Exeter Otters Wheelchair Basketball Club via email

Someone someone supposedly said

“I can’t disguise myself with a wig and dark glasses - the wheelchair gives me away.” - Stephen Hawking


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