• Chris Davy

S is for... Segue

That’s pronounced, seg-way, but it’s not one of those cool things that you ride around on.

Let me give you the dictionary definition.

Now, this is the Google dictionary definition. If I’m honest, in the past I’d have said my favourite dictionary would have been a Webster’s dictionary. But I can say this now, I’ve probably only ever owned one Webster's Dictionary in my lifetime, if one at all. And I would only have said it was my favourite dictionary, because my Mum’s side of the family are ‘Webster’. That’s part of the theory of attachment and how we like shit that we are linked to, or is like us - until naturally, we encounter those occasions where we realise that someone or something doesn’t really have our best interests at heart. Then we don’t like them anymore, until there is some kind of reconciliation that satisfies us. Badda-bing.

Bit deep that, but it makes sense and is pretty much how it goes. Anyway, after that little segue here’s another.

Life is full of fucking distractions. Like, shit loads. It always has been and always will be. Trouble is, nowadays there are fucking loads. And the trouble is, if you are reading this entry today, maybe reading this is your distraction for today? This is a segue, of sorts. Which is why I try not to be a dick about what I write, and give you something of substance in return. Maybe a laugh, maybe something insightful but if nothing else, just some form of escapism for a few minutes. That’s why I put the pictures on, that’s why I put the quotes on and the list of songs. Just gotta have a little bit of substance. That's the reality of it.

Since I’m a basketball fan, it should be recognised that I’m a big fan of time outs. You need those in your life from time to time to get your shit together before you go at everything again. Time-outs = segue, but one with a purpose; to help us get a win. To progress. To succeed.

From a coaching, leadership, personal, and team development perspective, S is for Something is my attempt at simplifying the segue battle; from a psychological perspective. Streamlining it a little, if you like. Every entry is a segue...from the letter S. I’m trying to use the method as a means to holistically remain focused. I was originally going to call the project the S Method or something like that. But I think S is for Something was a bit more light-hearted and easier to process. Not so intense and serious on the brain. Because, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about achieving and success, but I want to be able to try and have fun and have a laugh while doing it.

Seeing as a segue is the uninterrupted transition from one thing to the next the trick then, if you want to get shit done, is to override the genuine interruptions. In essence, you have to interrupt the interruption. Which isn't easy as a British person, who may or may not be constantly saying sorry.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have distractions coming at me even when I know I can interrupt them. It just means that I accept they are there and what I choose to do about them is exactly that; a choice. Sometimes I might get involved with whatever it is interrupting me. Sometimes I flat out blank it, I’m not intending to be rude - I’ve just got other shit that I’m prioritising. Sorry.

But ultimately, are you dictating what happens in your life or is life or someone in your life dictating what happens to you? Who is in control of what we do about the segue?

Or...are you just procrastinating? Gotta try and keep this more S related. Stalling, are you stalling? Or a more fun way of looking at it shilly-shallying?

Google it!

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

"Pizza is a great segue into unfamiliar flavors - plus, you can pile on the veggies." - Maneet Chauhan

Songs to listen to now:

Go your own way - Fleetwood Mac

All My Life - Foo Fighters

What's Next - David Fanning

Turn - Travis

Links on the Chain - The Broadside Singers

The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles

Connected - Stereo MCs

Which Way Is Up - Stargard

Linked - Jim Yosef & Anna Yvette

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