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S is for...Scribing on Social Media

I started university in 2004 just as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were coming to life. Uni, I know, would have been a totally different experience for me if it wasn’t for the fact that I was studying media and culture.

Because, whilst a lot of other people were just going around indulging in these new platforms that had been created alongside studying their degrees. I was one of the people partly trying to figure out ‘What the hell is this?’, ‘What’s the point?’, and ‘What is it’s impact?’. Not necessarily because I wanted to, but just because it was a part of the mentality and focus of my degree. It wasn‘t even so much that I had to ask these questions either, so as much as it was ’I couldn’t not’. I couldn’t not ask these questions.

But at the same time obviously, just like everyone else, I was going, ‘Oh, they’re fit.’ and ‘Hahaha, silly cat.’

Believe me, there’s been more than enough times that I wished I hadn’t studied and practised critical thinking. Because your bloody brain just won’t switch off. Analysing EVERYTHING!!!

For the record, this cat is one of my favourite videos. What a legend. That is ‘Cat jumping a baby gate’. Ahhhhhh what a cat.

It’s very, very weird to think about it now. Because at the time, unlike the other forms of media I was studying; film, TV, press, print, music etc. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter had only just come out, so naturally they couldn’t really be studied, explored, and debated in the same way that these other media’s which had been around for decades could. They could only really be studied in that weird mode called, ‘real time’.

Why would you want to study and debate YouTube Chris?

Good question!

I’m glad you asked, and THAT is the reason I’m perhaps different to you. Now, instead of me giving you that answer, why don’t you go and see if you can come up with an answer all of your own. Because your lack of an answer and presence of a question would be the exact reason you would want to study and debate, well, pretty much anything. Whooops, I wasn’t going to give you an answer. But looks like I have. Silly me.

Now, obviously, these ‘new media‘ could be studied, because you just take the critical thinking skills and analytical skills you have and apply them to this other ‘thing’. Which is pretty much one of the key differences between people. ‘How they think’ and ‘Why they think how they think’. Some people literally have no idea what critical thinking or analysis is. The big question of course is, do any of us really know what critical thinking is? LOOK OUT!

Don’t worry, I’m not interested in going down that road today. It’s too early and it wasn’t my intention to explore the intricacies of how the mind works this morning.

What I did want to write about though, because I just find it funny and weird, is how people use social media in different ways; myself included.

The difference perhaps though is that I consciously know I’m doing it, and I know why I’m doing it. I’m doing it to ‘play the game’. But I’m also doing it because that’s just my nature. Partly, I’m a confirmist, because I’m a person and I want to be a part of something bigger than myself, just like everyone else. It’s also pretty much essential in order to survive. But I’m also not afraid to rock the boat. So I’ll happily put my opinion across. But I try not to be confrontational about it; which naturally is impossible when clearly your opinion opposes someone else’s. Oh the dilemma! But if something‘s crap mate, someone’s got to say something, right? Ultimately, it’s all just expression, and you either express yourself in all these different ways or you don’t.

Anyway, of all the social media out there I use Facebook and Instagram the most. Because they suit my personality and the things I do. I have a LinkedIn profile, but it doesn’t really serve that much of a purpose other than me demonstrating that I can actually do work. Like you know, a job? I like to think I have a pretty good resume, at least.

Twitter, I have accounts but I never really use them. waaaaaaaaay to much time, energy, and effort for my liking. I’m a film student mate. Essentially I’m a film snob. Now I’m as guilty as the next person of making ‘rubbish content’. But if I’m making a film and video project, then I’m working to a different dynamic to a lot of YouTubers. Either do it properly or don’t do it at all. At least admit when it’s a bit crap.

I did make the bold claim not that long back that I could show everyone how quick and easy it is to make a film project. And I still believe it is. But where is this film project for me to show you if it’s that quick and easy?

Again, good question!

Well, I’m basically putting the current lack of film project down to life, family, work. The usual stuff. And there’s been this annoying little pandemic thing going on that I’ve heard about too. That’s not helped. But soon, I’ll do it soon. Probably once I’ve moved house. Which again, is another annoying inconvenience.

But yeah, back to the point, the way people use social media is absolutely mental. There are so many factors to it. There’s so much you can learn about someone from what they use and how they use it. The language they use, the pictures and videos they share, when they share it. Who they share it with, and so on.

That‘s why I have a blog and a website. Because it’s mine. Yeah, there is the host and all that stuff. But generally speaking. It’s mine. Besides, it’s not like I‘d be in much trouble if it all got deleted would I? That’s the beauty of what I’m promoting and encouraging. Mnemonics. Strategic mindfulness.

U ok hun? PM me x


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