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S is for...Scratchin' my ass

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Well, what do I write about today?

Obviously, I realise that some people do actually read my blog. So because of that, I like to try and make sure I write about a variety of stuff. S is for...Stuff. Shouldn't be too hard, it's not like I'm lacking in ideas and inspiration is it? You know, there is the whole world and beyond to write about. You know, life. All I have to do is sit and write. Or maybe stand, or walk(not advised). I usually sit.

So I put something together, and put it out there. Then you the reader, skim the headline, look at the picture, and you either go, "I am JUST SICK of seeing this shit!" or "Oooo that looks interesting, I fancy a bit of that.", or somewhere in between.

If you are fairly new to reading my blog you possibly go, "Why in the fuck does everything start with 'S is for...'?. Well, one answer I can give you is to read one of my books.

S is for...Something: Short, sweet, simple, silly, serious, stupid, smart, self-help.


S is for...Sports Coaching and Performance: For parents, players, and pedagogues.

They are both on Amazon. I self-published them through the Kindle Direct Publishing program. It's a pretty fucking awesome way of going about it if you ask me; that's always up for debate naturally. But, I'm happy I've got my books out there in the world. If you want a way to get your story or message out there, it's a very good service.

Click on the links here to find them on the Amazon store.

Or I could just tell you that this blog is partly based on mnemonics. That's not an S is for...Secret, but that is why everything begins 'S is for...'.That's it. This blog shares some of it's roots with mnemonics. Mnemonics comes from the Ancient Greek for mindful. Mnemonics is a form of mindfulness. S is for...Something is a form of mindfulness.


So, when I start writing, I sit down, I go something like "Hmmmm, what do I fancy writing about today?" Then I make that topic fit into a subject title that is linked to the letter S. S is for...Simple.

Why would I do that?

I do it for a whole bunch of reasons:

S is for...Something to do.

S is for...Satisfaction (I actually enjoy writing).

S is for...Support myself (It's something I do to help me support myself mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and so on.)

S is for...Support others (I know that some people read what I write and it inspires and motivates them to write themselves or pursue things in their life.)

S is for...Struggle (I like the struggle. It challenges me to think and be creative, but at the same time constructive.)

S is for...Shit, mnemonics is the shit.

It genuinely is. Mnemonics can help you pretty much learn fucking anything. I mean it. But you don't exactly see or hear many people going on about it. Well I do, and I do because it's fucking amazing. It's clever shit man, it's really clever shit.

So, instead of sitting around scracthin' your ass, wondering what to do with yourself; especially during a period like LOCKDOWN. Do S is for...Something! Some of you have never had so much time to dedicate to doing that thing that you wanted to do.

I'm prepared to listen to excuses...

"But Chris...meh, meh, meh, meh."

"But Chris...wah, wah, wah, wah."

"But Chris...shibby, shibby, shibby." But only for so long. S is for...Shut up, and get on with it.

Ooooooo, that was a bit S is for...Savage!

But seriously, get on with it. EVEN IF IT IS SCRATCHIN' YOUR ASS!!!

OOoooooh yeah! Get right in there!

S is for...See you laters! Happy ass scratchin'!!!

Something someone supposedly said

"Butt scratcher! Butt scratcher! Get your butt scratcher here!" - Peter Griffin


I'm bored - Iggy Pop

I just don't know what to do with myself - The White Stripes

Being Bored - Pet Shop Boys

Bored - Billie Eilish

Boredom - Buzzcocks

Tired and Bored - Garageland

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