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S is for... Santo

I wrote a few days ago about how I believe in Santa Claus. But I'll tell you who I believe in way more than Santa Claus. Nuno Espírito Santo! The manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers football club. What a man!

I've just finished watching Wolves beat Tottenham 3-1, and what this man has helped to build in terms of a football team is sensational.

There is a lot I like about him:

He is all about the team.

He is realistic, as well as optimistic.

He unwavering.

He understands 'the process'.

He is patient, as well as demanding.

He celebrates.

He enjoys the game.


He plays to win.

I love how he talks about the team.

I love the way he talks to the press.

I love the way he respects everyone, and he does - even when he's being 'disrespectful' he does it with respect.

I love how he speaks his mind, but does so in a calm and respectful manner.

The list goes on.

Wolverhampton as a city is very fortunate to have such a fantastic coach that has helped to bring Wolverhampton Wanderers back into the conversation of the Premier League. I'm not talking Premier League titles - as Nuno says, he take it one game at a time. We plan, we prepare and we play our way. We are definitely being talked about.

As a Wulfrunian, it makes me proud that my home town has got Wolves competing the way they are. That is the most important part; the competing. The winning is great. But it's sport and not everyone can win. But you can always compete.

Viva Nuno!!!

Who doesn't love a good quote?

"We cannot build a gameplan based on a draw... always to win." - Nuno Espírito Santo

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Nuno had a dream, to build a football team, with Chinese owners and a wonderkid from Porto, with five at the back, and pace in attack, we're Wolverhampton and we're on our way back

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